Will Bloomington elect socialists?

By:  Diane Benjamin

Some people in Bloomington admit they are democrat socialist.  The “democrat” part is added to make it sound like its real people leading the movement.  They are pure socialists, just like the ones who destroyed Venezuela.  They want to take your money, attack wealth producers, and hand money to people who didn’t earn it.

For the 2016 election there was a local Bernie for President group.  They are back now to work for Bernie Sanders 2020.  Bernie will tell you he’s a socialist, so unless his follows just like the old geezer, they are socialists too.

Facebook pages exist for both campaigns.  They are using the same picture, likely taken in 2015 or 2016:


Of course Sonny Garcia of Illinois People’s Action is in the picture.



Two other people running for the Bloomington City Council are too.  Georgene Chissell and Jenn Carrillo.  Since they are pictured supporting a socialist, it is safe to say both Chissell and Carrillo ARE socialists!

FYI:  This is how countries go socialist quickly – pretend you are for the people!  Attack the rich and corporations.  Redistribute wealth to people who didn’t work for it. Destroy capitalism because it built America and lifted the most people out of poverty in all of history!  It’s all about power.

Three are a team, I could post numerous pics of them together:  Remember the line:  “enemies foreign and domestic“?






I bet they do not know they are supporting a hypocrite.

Bernie Sanders profits off his useful idiots.  Do they know ol’ Bernie owns THREE houses?

Source: https://fxn.ws/2It53sq






Bernie must have a mental disorder to tweet this, or maybe he didn’t include HOUSES because he has three:

Looks like Bernie can have it all – especially with the gullible running for City Council supporting him. Ward 2 and Ward 6 need to get out and vote against Chissell and Carrillo!  Early voting has already started.  Is the media doing nothing because they like socialism?

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  1. Any business owner who sees an employee in that photo and doesn’t fire them is essentially committing suicide. Can their butts! (Though I suspect most of the people pictured are illegals, government workers and/or welfare freeloaders.)

      1. Actually 1776, you are ABSOLUTELY WRONG! Political affiliations in NOT a “Protected Class”.
        Decent Conservatives have been losing their jobs for years do to Leftwing “doxing”, threats, boycott pressures and political correctness. You are just mad that we are finally waking up and learning to play that game, also.

        Just today, had an interesting conversation with a local business owner who has an employee clearly pictured on the “McLean County for Bernie” website. I ask this question…..”You are comfortable trusting this person with your cash register, even though you now realize they support a candidate who wants to steal everything you own from you?” They admitted that they had never thought about that before. Hopefully, that will lead to some self interested reflection……and somebody on the unemployment line. Conservatives can “play rough”, too! Kinda fun, actually.

  2. Hey, remember the time when 2016 presidential candidate Bernie was paid off to the tune of about $600,000 by the eventual D. nominee to drop out of the race and he bought another house with the proceeds? In re: 2020, he must need another house. Life of a socialist is good if you’re at the top, boosted by complicit media propaganda.
    Social democracy is the same ponderous pig with new lipstick.

  3. Thanks to the growing schism in the Democratic Party led by AOC, the chances for them in the upcoming national election are not good. AOC is pushing her Green New Steal & she just finished celebrating chasing 25K Amazon jobs away from NYC. There is nothing mainstream about the Democratic lefts direction. Traditional (non-crazy) democrats currently running the party are not going to accept their left wing’s craziness and the America people will certainly reject it too! I would think that sane people in Blono would start to realize where the Democratic Socialists and the left are leading us. They are a threat to our freedoms, our economy, our way of life and our great country. They should be opposed peacefully wherever their cancerous ideas erupt.

  4. The word democracy does not appear anywhere in the Bill of Rights or Constitution. The founders loathed democracy. They formed a representative constitutional republic to protect us from the very idea of democratic socialism.
    You can put the word beautiful in front of turd sandwich. It’s still a turd sandwich. Thus you can put the word democratic in front of socialism. But its still socialism.

  5. According to the website One Peoples Campaign Jenn Carrillo serves on the board. So she probably voted to endorse herself. The man behind the curtain Don Carlson also serves on the board.

  6. To answer the question, yes both nationally and locally. You already have socialists on the County Board and have some closet ones on the council’s already. Our two mayors believe in at least some socialist principles if not outright. More will be elected locally in the next election. BN has been intentionally targeted by Chicago to turn it blue and it is working. They are using the college crowd and the leftover sixties radicals to get it done. This state and community are basically toast. You have numerous people age forty and below that have never had a civics or history class that teaches American values. These types of classes are basically electives now and teach Howard Zinn history.

  7. Jenn and Sonny doing the “hail Hitler” salute. I wonder if we will need to sew patches on our clothes or if the decision of which concentration camp we go to will be based solely on our skin color. People like this are the reason citizens have the 2nd amendment and why the 2nd amendment is so important.

  8. Those that can leave, will leave. This election will likely hasten the departure of folks with transferable skills (and likely money) from Bloomington-Normal. This will further skew the political composition of the community. This conservative left town just in time. I suspect those that I’ve talked to that were “on the fence” about moving, might be putting their financial affairs in order sooner than anticipated.

  9. No Maggie, I’m not mad. But I still don’t agree with it being legal to fire someone for their beliefs and I stand by that. I would think that to do so would mean that any belief is included such as being a Christian.. Now you bring up political belief are not a protected class.You stated anyone in that picture should be fired and I technically still believe that’s wrong too. In regards to fighting fire with fire I don’t disagree as the right has let the left take advantage of them for way too long. Ask Colin K. about his (rumor has $60-$80 mil) recent settlement for his political beliefs leading to the NFL owners conspired to boycott hiring him besides the fact that he stunk as a quarterback. Most of your posts I agree with but not that one. Peace out.

    1. The private sector can fire people for any reason. Unless a contract is involved, employees work at the pleasure of the employer. Since it’s really expensive to replace an employee, it isn’t something employers do lightly however.

  10. BN DESERVES BETTER’s post does an excellent job of projecting the declining trajectory of McLean County, but leaves out one important component. Bloomington-Normal are about 6-12 months behind Portland, Oregon in the rise of Antifa (and Antifa clone/wanna-be) violence and disruption. Encourage all of Diane’s readers to educate themselves about what law abiding citizens have been subjected to out there for the past 2-3 years–but you won’t learn the details on MSNBC, CBS or in the NY Times–they are too invested in and supportive of the lawlessness and intimidation.

    And there is one important difference between Portland and here. Portland is governed by a feckless and incompetent Leftwing Mayor who is simply unwilling or unable to control these Terrorists. Bloomington is governed by a sociopathic Marxist who smilingly appears in pictures within 5 feet of known Antifa operatives who have previous criminal records.

    …coming to your families and neighborhoods within a year. Mark my words!

  11. IF ANYONE has a question about WHAT “socialism” does to an economy AND the people involved, READ “Rebels on the Range” about the 1913 Calumet, Michigan copper strike. In a nutshell, the WFM called 15,000 miners out of the copper mines in July 1913, they STAYED out until a Christmas party “gone bad” later in the year killing over 60 women and children, one of the LARGEST funerals EVER held in Michigan. The Michigan NAt’l Guard was called out during the strike, and the strike never really had a finish-it was “called” in spring 1914. It wound up with the copper companies NOT recognizing the union, MANY people moving away and local businesses closing and destroying whatever was left of the power the WFM had wielded, along with destroying copper prices for a long time and leaving “hard feelings” in the U.P that STILL exist to this day. Wonder IF Tari has this as “recommended reading”?? BET NOT!
    Sound like something YOU’D want??

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