Normal has socialists on the ballot too!

By:  Diane Benjamin

See this previous story:

If you didn’t think the Normal Town Council is already socialist – it could get worse.  I really appreciate socialist Sonny Garcia posting on social media which candidates fit that plan:

He listed the candidates voters need to avoid:

Alex Campbell, Joel Studebaker, and Pat Turner.

The guy Normal needs to stop the anti American nonsense is Stan Nord.  I’m hearing write-in candidate Karl Sila is worth your vote too.  DO NOT VOTE for 3 – especially an incumbent.  You will be guaranteeing the good guys lose.


7 thoughts on “Normal has socialists on the ballot too!

  1. So I translate “unapologetic progressive agenda” to mean if I show up with a #MAGA hat on, I will be shouted down, asked to leave or possibly assaulted? There was a group in the late 1930s in Germany who would do the same thing. They were called the Brown Shirts. This is were we are headed if we don’t stop these people now. Yes they are dangerous and their socialism is masking their true agenda: Fascist control of you and our country.

    1. Trumps fascism is only controlling a Minority of America but the Cancer is dangerous. We will take our Country back in 2020 unless the Mueller report brings it sooner.

  2. Here’s some irony. Normal could potentially elect a bunch of socialists to punish/replace a bunch of elitist tax-and-spend democrats over the excessive spending and growth of Uptown 2.0. Wow! So, right diagnosis but wrong prescription. Mark my words, if these knuckleheads get elected they will drown out and take over the town and agenda from King Koos. They will be a thorn in his side, not the ally you might think. This might be fun to watch.

  3. ANYTIME that a political party uses the word “PEOPLES” in ANY way, shape or form—BEWARE!
    THEY will SHOW you WHO they mean by the PEOPLE! As in “Peoples Republic of*******” ???
    Pick a communist country..

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