Radicals on the loose

By:  Diane Benjamin

These people were in downtown Normal yesterday to confront Rodney Davis:

This event was put together by Sonny Garcia (Illinois People’s Action) with very little notice, they claim a total of two dozen eventually showed up.  Illinois People’s Action, Democrat Socialists of America, and the group below are all tied together by who supports them.

These are the same people attempting to take over both city councils and it should come as no surprise CHICAGO socialists are again trying to spread their destruction across the State.  See this link: (it shows Crabill and Carrillo) onepeoplescampaign.org/ – then click on canvas.  It shows Chicago candidates.

The video below proves why decent people will never support them or their candidates.  Americans won’t tolerate anarchy.

Security had to throw them out for disturbing the event. They were demanding Medicare For All – socialized medicine.

Imagine how emboldened these radicals will be if their candidates win. The only chance these people have of winning is a local 10% voter turnout.  Not voting is voting!

The Realtors Association held an event for candidates last night.  No surprise, Carrillo was again a no-show.  http://www.wjbc.com/2019/03/06/council-hopefuls-weigh-in-on-gas-tax-hike/

This is video a participant took and proudly posted to Facebook:

14 thoughts on “Radicals on the loose

  1. The local churches that give their members offerings to Illinois Peoples Action should be embarrassed and immediately cut off all ties with this marxist organization.

  2. These people are communists in the making. They should be fought where ever and when ever they show up.

  3. The hierarchy of the churches know. However, the average members I don’t think has a clue who Illinois Peoples Action is about or even heard of them.

  4. I’m sure GLAD they weren’t wearing MAGA hats, then they might be accused of HATE SPEECH!!!

  5. Welcome to Koos’s Normal and Tari’s Bloomington.

    Can Antifa assassinations be far behind?

  6. Neversilent you are exactly right….Brown shirts. If you ever wondered what it was like prior to WWII with the Nazi’s this is it. I wonder if students are taught about Hitler’s Germany in College. Also ISIS would be a good parallel.

  7. Their unprofessional approach to politics/civics coupled with the extremist policies they advocate might just drive common sense folks out to the polls on voting day. This might be the gift that keeps on giving.

  8. It actually only gets worse. Both council’s will soon have more active socialists on them after the next election. The county board will have more as well. People don’t realize how local leadership in many municipal and county departments have social Democrats as department heads and hire like-minded people for staff. The twenty somethings of today only get one side of the political story in schools and in job training. Many people are taking early retirement everywhere because they are tired of working for and with brain dead people in their twenty’s, thirty’s and forty’s that only care about diversity issues, ergo chairs, and liberal social issues that have nothing to do with moving an organization forward. I will keep fighting, but in my inner sanctum I know where this ends up. This city, town, county and state will soon be unsalvageable.

    1. Scary thought but spot on. Pretty sad that a once prosperous and peaceful communities will end up like Venezuela , time to flee !

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