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Downtown Bloomington:

18 thoughts on “Comments Please

  1. This is an abomination and is wrong on so many levels! Somehow this feels connected to the TransGender liberal insanity that is sweeping the nation. Notice to transgender people and regular people who think it is normal: If you a are girl and what to be a guy and if you are a guy and what to be a girl, you are not making a lifestyle choice. You are mentally ill and need help.


  2. Perfect symbol for downtown Bloomington. All f’ed up. It looks like it has had as many POT holes as downtown does now. Tari no doubt is proud of this and allows it to sleep over with him and Margo.


  3. Between Abe ready for Mardi Gras and the new Route 66 info booth. The masses that will divert themselves to come to downtown Bloomington will be beyond comprehension. We may need a subway system to handle the flow. Maybe even a helipad on top of the old State Farm building to shuttle the crowds from the airport.


  4. Unwanted beads and baubles on a statue in front of unwanted “upscale” condos.. Probably endorsed by an unwanted mayor.


  5. What’s the problem here? It’s Mardi gras. Yes The first American Mardi Gras took place on March 3, 1699.. Don’t have anything to do with slaves. Felt I needed to put that out there.. Don’t understand why it was taken there? It’s festive students from all over the world come to our city they have their own way of celibating. I don’t think this is wrong by any means.


  6. Speaking of “gangs” maybe the city SHOULD have put up a map showing people what “HOOD” they were in and what areas were high “shooting” zones. Also maybe another information “hub” for areas with a high density of potholes..

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  7. Who was the only person, okay maybe 2 people at most, who went to downtown Bloomington to take that photo. Could be worse, paint.

    What pornography company is buying the abandoned State Farm building? LOL wouldn’t that be great for King Tax’n Tari? He can hit them with a sin tax.


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