McBride proves why he shouldn’t be a Trustee

By:  Diane Benjamin

The WGLT story about last night’s Normal Town Council meeting doesn’t mention RC McBride voted for the water rate increase:

Readers are left to surmise he did.

This one is worse:

I reported this story back on February 28:

WJBC reported it on March 4:

The Pantagraph got around to it last night:

WGLT (under General Manager and Normal Trustee RC McBride’s leadership) has NOT done a story.  Why is that RC?  Truth doesn’t matter?  Using your job to hide the news RC?

Both the WJBC and Pantagraph stories missed the obvious.  The ONLY reason the Attorney General is investigating is because Karyn Smith was denied her right to speak.  This paragraph is from the last ruling against the Town of Normal.  The guy who filed the complaint had hoped the AG would rule Normal’s entire public comment policy illegal, but the AG refused only because no one had been prevented from speaking under some of the their other rules:


See the entire ruling: AG ruling on Normal’s Public Comment

The 45 day rule is gone.  Agenda topics only will be gone.  Providing an address is gone.  The final 2 parts will be gone (2 hours notice-10 minutes) only if:

  1. Normal finally does the right thing   OR
  2. More citizens are denied their right to speak and file again with the AG

Elections are coming April 2nd. Obviously a guy running a news station has a conflict of interest with being a Trustee.

You have another problem Normal:

Three candidates running are supported by the local radicals advocating for the Welcoming Ordinance, Police Review Boards, and social justice.  That means laws don’t matter and governing is by what feels good.  It also means higher taxes.  They call themselves Democrat Socialist only because it sounds better than being just another failed socialist.

If the voters stay home these candidates can easily win.  Illinois People’s Action and ISU students have been out campaigning for them.

The only way to defeat socialism is to vote.  Since the media is mostly ignoring this election, it’s up to citizens to inform voters and make sure they vote.

The local Big Government types want these three:  McBride, Lorenz, and Shields.

The Radicals want Campbell, Studebaker, and Turner

Ready to dump tax and spend progressives?  Three left, these are the ones running to represent citizens:  (Write in Karl)

10 thoughts on “McBride proves why he shouldn’t be a Trustee

  1. I would not be surprised if R.C. Mcbride is also a Socialist. At his previous stint at wjbc he always took far left stances on the issues and mocked anyone who thought differently.

    Also there was a toxic culture of advocacy based journalism. Especially. Since at the time almost their entire staff leaned heavily leftwing. This advocacy based journalism may explain why wglt neglects to report certain things.

  2. I was at Coffee Hound, Bloomington, for over two hours Saturday morning catching up with a friend while B was at a choir rehearsal. A large man was holding office hours there, had meetings every 10-15 minutes with his ‘get out the vote’ folks. He had a box full of stuff, his laptop, his cell phone, like a regular office. A very busy dude with buttons on jacket indicating we are for all people being here regardless of citizenship. Clearly well organized.

  3. WJBC, the “Spirit of McLean County” died when the local owners sold their radio stations and their newspapers.
    The station became “dubb yah” JBC no longer “double u” JBC

  4. There are NO good radio stations left in this town. Just radio free Moscow. But it’s the Democrats looking for the Russians and their COLLUSION, maybe they should check THEIR own payrolls, they’d find them..

  5. I’ll take a screen shot of that photo and share it on every platform I can. I don’t have a large following but I’ll do my best. We can’t like these socialists take control of the council.

  6. In what universe does a member of the press belong in politics? They are supposed to be the check against government. In Normal, the press is state-run media. McBride should be disqualified based on his current job. Of course, the establishment loves him since he rubber stamps anything on the Koos agenda and helps shield them from any questioning.

  7. I agree R.C. Mcbride as a member of the media should be going out of his way to avoid any appearance of unethical bias or behvior.

    While at wjbc he served on the Normal Planning Commission and now at wglt he sits on the city council. I hope he doesn’t teach journalism ethics at ISU.

  8. Diane, I appreciate you continuing to challenge the voters to get out and make a difference with their vote.

    It is time to put up or shut up.

  9. Diane – Thank you so much for helping to get the word out!

    Just this week, I talked with two former elected officials, not ‘insiders’ but people you’d think would have at least Some awareness of the election, and neither one knew about Stan, much less Karyn or my campaign until I told them!

    Please, Please, PLEASE! dear readers – I know it’s sometimes awkward to talk about politics, but it’s like telling somebody their collar is messed up or their shoe is untied or worse – It’s Actually a Courtesy. If we can get any one of us on the board, it will send a message. If we can get All Three, it will be a Mandate. If none of us make it, each and every Normal person you care about will pay the penalty, to the tune of roughly a thousand dollars and probably more as their Taxes go Up, their Expenses go Up, and their Job opportunities and Housing values go Down.

    If you can, donate to Stan. Karyn and I are individual candidates, so accepting donations opens up legal issues. Friend us on Facebook and Like our pages so we can hopefully snowball that into free publicity there. If you’re not sure you have time to volunteer, I have tasks from 5 minutes to 5 weekends depending on what you’re willing to commit to, and I expect Stan and Karyn are the same – Any help is appreciated!

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