NORMAL: In case you didn’t know:

By:  Diane Benjamin

I hear David Shields has lots of nice signs around Normal.  The citizens of Normal need to know he will support the Koos agenda:


If you want to stop the Uptown agenda that is ignoring the rest of Normal, Shields is not the guy who will do that.

I predict the Chamber of Commerce will endorse Shields, Lorenz, and McBride.  (speaks volumes)







4 thoughts on “NORMAL: In case you didn’t know:

  1. Much of the active businesses within the Chamber are establishment hacks and rely on perks and programs from local government in order to keep feeding at the trough. There’s also a go along to get along culture in Bloomington-Normal and the fear of being blacklisted. Not to mention, Ol’ Chuckles and the Chamber gang can count on big governemnt Koos to cut them a sponsorship check or two with taxpayer money.

  2. The town north of Bloomington is no longer Normal – It’s Koosville. The town council ignores the people, blindly following ‘the plan’ or ‘staff research’ or ‘consultant findings’ because those are the authorities on any given issue.
    But the plan comes from the planning commission, which is picked by Koos. Staff research is directed by Koos and his assistant, Pam Reece. And consultants are engaged at the request of Koos and unsurprisingly always support whatever Koos’ position is.

    If you’re in favor of destroying whatever is historically Normal (other than some of the older houses, which can get rehab grants) and taxing local businesses and non-insider people more so he can hand out incentives to his ‘right fit’ friends, please do vote for the incumbents, or just stay home.
    If you’re in favor of Normal adopting a new set of ‘special citizens’ without reducing spending and probably increasing it, vote for the socialist slate Diane has mentioned elsewhere.

    If you want Normal to spend responsibly, putting Needs ahead of Wants, and represent All its citizens, you need to not only vote for Stan and Karyn and write in Karl Sila, you need to Tell People about the candidates that Don’t have big marketing budgets paid for by Your Tax Dollars, whether locally or funneled through Chicago politicians.

  3. Talk about ALL IN THE FAMILY . Look who else is on that list: the mayor’s Brother Chris Koos. Two peas in a pod. I’m sure bunches of ISU students are “friends” as well. Most of them live in other cities but vote in Normal elections.

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