Update to Dwight story

By: Diane Benjmin

Follow-up to this story: https://blnnews.com/2019/03/12/radicals-attack-dwight/

I found a way to link to the video of what happened when the City Council voted to go forward with the ICE detention center. The video was posted on the Facebook page for:
WCSJ Radio Morris,IL The Voice of Grundy County

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  1. I and many others are predicting a civil war is brewing in the US. Certainly not in my life time and in no way would I promote or encourage a war but the activities that these out of control mob groups that believe hard working tax paying Americans should support illegal law breakers are in for a big surprise if politicians can’t control it American patriots will and those middle of the road Americans will applaud.

      1. ‘History doesn’t repeat itself, but it sure does rhyme’ – Samuel Clemens (aka Mark Twain)

        There were many events which led up to the Civil War between the States, or as some like to call it, the War of Northern Aggression. Too many people are quick to say the war was about slavery, but that is a cheap version of ‘drunk history’. Slavery was the wedge issue, but only because of the economic realities of how the south earned its money.

        The south made a fortune (albeit, at the expense of slaves) trading it’s agricultural goods abroad, and the federal government collected a lot of money with taxes and tariffs on these goods; unfairly so at the expense of the south, since these tariffs were targeting industries and goods that only the south produced. The movement toward secession was well underway by the time Abraham Lincoln was elected President (it didn’t ‘just’ happen). The states that seceded felt that they were disproportionately targeted without any real representation or benefits. In other words, they were paying FOR the federal government but weren’t getting anything back in the bargain. Lincoln’s election pretty much ‘cast the die’ for dissolving the union between the states. Lincoln’s position was clear before he was elected – that he wouldn’t allow such a thing to happen.

        The attempt to re-arm Fort Sumter was well telegraphed, and was foretold to be an aggravating event. Aggravating because it let a foreign government (the North) maintain a fort in your territory (the South). The rest is history that resulted in the deaths of, by some estimates, of up to a million soldiers and citizens.

        A million of us. Dead.

        We find ourselves in a similar situation today. Today’s version of ‘drunk history’ would have us believe that the issues dividing us are immigration, wage inequality, and ‘climate change’. All factions equally passionate about the righteousness of their cause and beliefs. However, these are nothing but distractions – wedge issues that only dupes like these people protesting in Dwight are all too happy to entertain themselves with all day.

        The true battle is for control over the economic, financial, legal, and regulatory structures of this country. This so-called ‘Green New Deal’ farted out by that dingbat from the Bronx is all the proof you need to see this is the case. Lip service is paid to the wedge issues, but the heart and soul of it is nothing less than a radical reorganization of our society via socialist ideals.

        Socialism, by it’s very nature, is completely incompatible with a constitutional republic such as ours. As such, the paradigm we have lived ‘peacefully’ under since the Civil War MUST be cast aside for a new order – a Socialist order.

        Resistance to this new order is worthy of our blood and fortunes if we wish to see our children and grandchildren live to grow old and free. It must be resisted at all costs because it has left nothing but misery, poverty, and death in it’s wake wherever it has been practiced. I find myself flabbergasted it has taken such a hold in such a short time because it completely disregards the facts, truths, and realities of what socialism has wrought over the previous 100 years.

        200 million of us DEAD over the last 100 years! That is the result of these ideas.

        We have an election coming up. We have a President which has stated his position with utter clarity – that these United States will never EVER become a socialist country. One half of this country would see his words hold true. We have the other half of this country who, from all appearances, would happily see him, and us, dead. We have diametric viewpoints as to how we are to govern ourselves.

        All that is missing is the fort.

        Holy Mary, Mother of God. Pray for us.

      2. God almighty Diane.

        I’m only halfway through that video…

        This is MUST WATCH VIDEO!

        That video just completely validates EVERYTHING I just wrote

        And DAMMIT…I KNEW she couldn’t have pulled off getting that seat by herself. Nobody that dizzy can get elected by themselves


        Good catch!

  2. “We’ll be back! We’ll be back!” Cool, they’ll be ready and maybe arrest you for disorderly conduct or civil unrest or inciting.

  3. It reminds me of the viral video of the woman on her knees screaming the moment that President Trump was sworn in. Fake outrage. They will move on from this to the next cause. They need something in their life to fulfill them and they are using hate and civil disobedience to fill it. I would be willing to wager a majority of them have coexist stickers on their cars and hate has no home signs in their yards yet they hate everyone who is not lock step with them.

  4. Don’t these fossils know if tried any real violence how much they would get it back in spades. Most of these people were outcasts of their own making growing up. They found a group of like-minded friendless losers at a young age and never looked back. They are failures in everyday life and sought refuge at the college or university as the only place they could reside where total rejection wasn’t waiting for them. They are pitiful individuals with no marketable skills other than trouble-making. Like trained animals, they react to a clap from their masters.

  5. I believe I mentioned yesterday that we are dealing with Bullies who harass and threaten those who disagree. They bully and when you stand up to them they sick their henchmen on you.

  6. A prison? It’s a DETENTION center, whereby, people who come here ILLEGALLY can APPLY to become LEGAL citizens. NOT “jump the fence” or “Walk across the river” as it be, like many do. There are processes put into PLACE to accommodate AND validate one’s citizenship. If Jen “lived” here as an ILLEGAL, then she was BREAKING the law, and if she HAS become a LEGAL citizen, then SHE of ALL people should respect and ENCOURAGE others of ANY nationality to do the same. NOT rabble rouse, spread mis-information and tie up law enforcement for such childish antics and encourage others to follow HER footsteps..
    She DOES NOT represent me, my city or my country.. And presents a BAD image of HEr own self.

  7. No Gent. Read the Articles of Succesion for the former pro-slavery South and the opinions of historians. It’s not drunk history because Slavery was the primary cause for the Civil War. The tariffs were only latched onto to create a more sympathetic and heroic role for the South in the Civil War. Plus the South used the passing of the Morill Act to gain recognition from Great Britain. The British themselves thought the Civil War was started in part because of the Morrill Act. Also, to get people on your side, you don’t want to mention the fact that you have landowners who own slaves.

    Simply put, tariffs as a cause was artful propaganda by the South. To push this as a cause is to diminish the centrality of slavery to the Civil War and somehow legitimize the subjugation of Blacks. Most blacks did not like being slaves either, another trope passed to redefine the South’s role in the Civil War. Anyone who would simply argue that slavery is OK because the slave likes it, probably wouldn’t put themselves in the same predicament as one. A pimp beating a prostitute is not negated by pimps who treat their prositutes well.

  8. So, Gent’s Mom, you are perfectly OK with the government stealing the Constitutionally recognized and Constitutionally protected PROPERTY of citizens without compensation? (And committing a campaign of murder, rape and mayhem against a civilian population that would later make the Nazi’s proud.) That’s nice–bet you just love Warren’s tax policy and Antifa’s terrorism.

    The primary cause of the War Between the States–in fact, the ONLY cause–was the Lincoln Administration’s failure to allow States to exercise their legal right to leave the Union.

    1. Maggie:
      So you’d be O.K. with slavery. Good to know that you think owning people is a good thing. The Confederacy loss. The Civil War has been over for going on a 154 years. Time to acknowledge that slavery was wrong and the Confederacy was wrong.

  9. Well believing that those who think like you are the only people who have First Amendment rights IS a problem. The other problem is that Dwight is old facility that was out dated years ago as a prison. The prison would have to have considerable money put into it to function at all as a facility. In the end the Feds might just pass on Dwight.

    Also it’s hilarious that you’re freaking out over one freshman Congresswoman. You must scare easily.

      1. Well if is she’s an actress then Trump is an “actor”. Off script he’s hilarious. Both the creator of the video and you have gone down the rabbit hole.

        And ICE could walk away from the Dwight facility in 2020. It’s not a done deal.

  10. And you have gone down crazy town with that video. If Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is a “puppet” then Trump is a “puppet”. I have never listen to more bloviating by someone who doesn’t know what he is talking about….the guy loves to listen to himself talk.

    Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez graduated from Boston University with magnum cum laude. After college, Ocasio-Cortez moved back to the Bronx and found work as an educational director. Following the death of her father, she took on an additional job working as a bartender and waitress to help her mother—a house cleaner and school-bus driver—fight foreclosure of their home. So instead of praising a young Hispanic woman for winning a seat in Congress. The far right is busy demonizing her. You just sound crazy and desperate. The other point is that the Tea Party did the exact same thing, primaried out Republicans out. Cantor anyone?

  11. And crazy town it is…The video’s connect-dots-conspiracies are laugh out loud silly. If you believe the video’s hot conspiracy assertions then I have a rickety bridge to nowhere to sell you. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is ONE freshman Congresswoman who worked hard and won. As a freshman Congresswoman she doesn’t have the power you and this video are giving her.

    The fact that you have to demonize her reflects your inability to actually understand what is driving younger millennials to vote. The fact is that if it’s an woman who runs for office, the far right has to paint them as either witches or stupid. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez isn’t stupid or a puppet. If you keep on believing that, Republicans and the Tea Party is going to lose big in 2020.

      1. And how long in that video did it take “Mr. Reagan” to mention “NAZI’s and George Soros? Prefect example of Godwin’s Law. Again, the video you posted the actor states breathlessly “Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is the “most famous person in Congress.” Maybe EVER!!!!! Really? Most FAMOUS ever? Laughable. And then goes on to state that she isn’t really the Congresswoman from the Bronx. He then spins a stupid conspiracy that is only surpassed by its total preposterousness. This devolves downward to insinuating that since her campaign manager who is an American Indian, he hates America because we were a colony. Long winded and fatuous.

        Democrats are not as “divided” as you think. They have sent Trump a defeat with the overturn his border emergency declaration. They are systematically investigating his administration.

        Trump has made having business experience worthless.

  12. “Who can’t ignore that video? Hit close to home?”

    Apparently YOU can’t since you posted the video not me. I just suffered through listening to its stupidity and its laughable inane “conspiracy”. If that’s the logic and reasoning you support, then you’ll believe anything including the existence of Santa Claus and unicorns. For you, that’s “hitting close to home”.

      1. Again YOU and you alone posted the video. It’s incumbent on you to vouch for the veracity of anything you post on your blog. Evidently you believe everything you read and see on the internet as fact. It’s isn’t, far from it . The truth is that the only actor in that video is its bloviator, Chris Kohls who went to Southern California U. He has a very, very thin resume to say the least as an actor. He made everything up that he is talking about in the video out of whole cloth. Just because someone can post a YouTube video doesn’t make it the truth.

        Instead of calling police perhaps you need to ask for your money back from any educational institution you matriculated from because you’ll believe anything without question. You really lack any critical thinking skills if you believe that the video you posted is fact.

        1. You are really getting boring. Exposing people to information does not mean it is believed. I was taught how to think not what to think. You were obviously taught to hate everything that doesn’t fit your world view. Expand your brain and seek the truth instead of your own reality.

  13. Ok, I watched about half of the video and that’s enough for me. This is Tari Renner with his candidate Jenn. He knows this game well. He had a PhD in it.

  14. “You are really getting boring. Exposing people to information does not mean it is believed. I was taught how to think not what to think. You were obviously taught to hate everything that doesn’t fit your world view. Expand your brain and seek the truth instead of your own reality.”

    You really believe that the video you posted is “information”? It isn’t “information” it’s FICTION. Total absolute F-I-C-T-I-0-N with a capital F. I was taught to question things especially anything that’s on YouTube or the internet, you on the other hand believe anything. Chris Kohls is an actor, making up things for rubes who lap it up without question. Also if you think this is the “truth” then again, your critical thinking skills have a lot to be desired. Here’s one of his acting videos which are on YouTube. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z09hqloCOsw

    I can give you more of this guy’s acting videos, they’re hilarious. He’s a horrible actor. This guy is conning people with your “information” and your “truth” which seems to be straight from crack pot central of cockamamie ideas.

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