Bloomington travels – One Voice

By: Diane Benjamin

Last year Tari Renner, Scott Black, Steve Rasmussen, and Diana Hauman got the free trip to DC for One Voice. Participants are normally elected officials or the City Manager/Assistant.

This year Tari took his good buddy Justin Boyd. It looks like he replaced Amelia Buragas. Justin is the guy who posted the pic of the downtown BAGGED trash and complained about the City not picking it up.

Boyd was also Tari’s campaign manager and, of course, committee appointee.

Keep in mind, the City already paid $1600 x 4 to the EDC for this junket: $6,400.00

That $1600 each didn’t include transportation. Those charges are on Bills and Payroll for Monday night:

Almost $9000 total!

Don’t even ask why Boyd was more expensive. I wonder if he’s still there since a return trip isn’t listed. Somehow he did fly twice on the same day though.

The City employees must have had another private party – Chili Cook-off. Mathy will be heading to Denver so he can get ideas for how to usurp the private sector with taxpayer money.

Anybody else notice Tari quit charging taxpayers for lunch when his P-Card got yanked?

5 thoughts on “Bloomington travels – One Voice

  1. On the P-card comment. Rumor has it that Rat Bastard Renner has lost 15 pounds and at the few lunches he now has he seems to have grown alligator arms. .Maybe rename him Crocodile Scumdee. ….


  2. Renner is practically the poster child for being “groomed” as a corrupt Illinois politician. Problem is, he’s WAY too arrogant to make it very far, as the “players” would eat him alive.
    WHY do we NEED to send ALL these folks to some conference on OUR DOLLAR!! is this a “When the company buys, nobody cries” type convention. What do they ACTUALLY LEARN at these things, other then MORE waste of good resources! These are the SAME people who PREACH sustainability!! Do they think FLYING in a jet, and traveling (when they DO NOT NEED TO) to a conference, and eating FANCY FOOD, is REALLY helping the planet-OR is it “helping thyself” !


    1. “They” don’t think like “we” do. Understand that, apply, and working with a new found sense of “their” logic to beat them at their own game because overall “they” are not very smart.


  3. Justin Boyd, a Country Financial agent, that’s the best economic and business talent to represent Bloomington?! The same Justin Boyd that believes Downtown is the center of commerce and follows Tari around with a clipboard looking for signatures? Is he being groomed for a future council seat?


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