Want to know how radical the League of Women Voters is?

By: Diane Benjamin

There is a bill in the Illinois Senate right now that would remove the Parental Notification requirements for minors to have an abortion: (SB 1594)

Witness slips were filed on this bill, 1703 supported allowing your minor daughter to get an abortion without your knowledge.

7752 signed in opposition.

The usual suspects don’t care that your minor child wants an abortion. This life changing event won’t be explained, Planned Parenthood just wants the money.

One signer claimed to represent 34,000 members of Local 881 – United Food and Commercial Workers:

I wonder if the membership knows, there is nothing on their website stating this is the official position of the union: http://www.local881ufcw.org/legislative.html

Here’s where it gets interesting. Below are people who signed in support of removing parental notification. At least one implies the entire League of Women Voters favors not being told if their minor daughters want abortions. Their daughters could die, be mentally scared for life, be left unable to have other children, or have gotten pregnant by a person who should be prosecuted – but the LWV doesn’t think parents should know.

The local League of Women Voters think they have the right to co-sponsor local non-partisan debates and investigate other local issues like affordable housing and poverty.

Next time they issue a report, remember: These are the same people who think parents shouldn’t have any rights.

8 thoughts on “Want to know how radical the League of Women Voters is?

  1. Notice how each “League” is slightly different from each other. And baby murderer Audrey Yeazel can’t even spell league… twice!!!

  2. Well then, MAYBE ole Audrey would be a GOOD argument for abortion!! Seems the world is getting pretty overcrowded the way it is, so why bring people into the world who have stupid parents? Stupid is as stupid does!
    There are SOME gene pools that are in DIRE need of chlorine..

  3. Have butted heads with these “ladies” locally for years. What a bunch of self righteous, overbearing (and Radically Leftwing) Harpies!

  4. And a 15-year-old girl is raped by either her father or brother or other male family member. She somehow has to get “permission” to have abortion from the very same family that has abused her. Teenagers are very capable of deciding whether they want their lives ruined by having a baby by their rapist. If that very same 13-year-old girl you’re talking about murdered a person, she would be facing charges as an adult not a child.

    1. So funny! I guess you don’t know the law gives that 13 year old other options. Guess you don’t believe anybody should be prosecuted. Abortion over forget it ever happened. It doesn’t usually work that way.

  5. I was raped when I was 15. Abortion was never an option. Was it always easy? No. I thank God every day for my beautiful 28 year old daughter. She certainly didn’t ruin anyone’s life. I cannot imagine a world without her in it. Almost everyone who knows her agrees. I also can’t imagine the empty, Godless souls that members of theses organizations who support killing a child by any means necessary must live with. #WeNeedLove

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