Looks like Bloomington is Cleaning House

By: Diane Benjamin

The Fire Protection billing fiasco earlier this week will likely not be the only problem uncovered at the City of Bloomington. It appears somebody is cleaning house and finding lots of problems.

Somebody found a long list of payments that were made but never approved by the Council. Since I don’t remember an alderman ever asking questions about payments, they likely won’t care.

The City doesn’t “Buy Local”:

The longest lists of payments never approved were to Amazon. We and the Council do not know what was bought. This list starts is on PDF page 121 http://www.cityblm.org/Home/ShowDocument?id=21378

Just this list totals $10,461.42. There is another long list on PDF pages 128-129. That list totals $8,959.30. More are listed on PDF pages 141-142 totaling $11,870.72. PDF pages 157-158 has more – totaling $11,583.80.

The Council will approve these payments without questioning why payments have been made without their consent. Worse, they won’t ask what all these charges are for! Obviously “Buy Local” is for peons, not them.

Amazon is not the complete list of payments that were never approved. Here’s more:

What other shoes are waiting to drop?

10 thoughts on “Looks like Bloomington is Cleaning House

  1. Probably Nikita buying campaign supplies for her failed run at County Clerk. Obviously a Special Council should be formed to probe her and her associates for the next three or four years. Right

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  2. Thank you Diane. If you didn’t report, we wouldn’t know ever! Remember when we had Council Members who actually represented their wards? Not so much anymore. And those that stood up were torn apart personally by King Tari!

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  3. Wow! What a mess…Looks like a couple of 6 year old’s got a hold of a credit card…. Can you say “Completely out of control” – Moe, Larry and Curly are making a mess of things


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