Government thinks you are REALLY stupid

By:  Diane Benjamin Bloomington and Normal are the only cities doing their own garbage pickup in the area.  According to the Pantagraph, Normal did their own investigation of rates. They declared NO money could be saved by privatizing garbage pickup. See the chart here: The Pantagraph must not have noticed some of those other cities […]

No new taxes?

By:  Diane Benjamin To taxpayers, raising fees is the same thing as raising taxes.  Since the City has proudly proclaimed there are no tax increases in the 2016 budget, remember when you are forced to pay more – It’s Not A Tax. From the 2016 Budget – Book 1, page 35:

Garbage vrs Bulk Waste

By:  Diane Benjamin The first point citizens need to understand is this: The City made garbage and bulk waste an Enterprise Fund so they could say it has to pay for itself.  Since it doesn’t, prices have to be raised. The Coliseum is an Enterprise Fund, but it’s not required to pay for itself.  Why? […]