What Roads are getting resurfaced in Bloomington?

By:  Diane Benjamin

Jim Karch has posted a list of the streets that are going to be resurfaced in the new budget.  You can see a map and the list here:    http://www.cityblm.org/Home/ShowDocument?id=21169

Get ready for a shock – Hershey isn’t on list.  Neither is Prospect which is getting as bad as Hershey.

Most of the roads are from downtown and west.  Click on the link to see the map, the visual is easier to understand.

Of course if they raise your taxes they can do more!

15 thoughts on “What Roads are getting resurfaced in Bloomington?

  1. Do you realize how horrible we look when people come to BLM.? Especially to collesium? Market St. Needs fixed all of the way to Main St.! It is an embarrassment!

  2. Interesting that Sunset is getting redone as it’s in pretty good shape, must be widening it??

      1. Bike Lane, reminded me about a State Representative in North Carolina, who has just introduced a Bill to have Bike owners over 17, register their bikes and license them for $10.00/year. No word on proof of insurance. Does not seem to be in this bill.

  3. Wood Street from Center to Morris is an absolute nightmare. It is dangerous! Really, really dangerous. Washington near Morris…same. I saw Jaime Mathy picking up his laundry at the starcrestvon Market. I wonder if he noticed how bad Market and Main are. Probably not….he can’t even see a conflict of interest when it bites him in the ass.

    1. Hahahaha! Comedic gold, right there. Thanks for the laugh, Angela! You’ve got Mathy figured out, I wish the rest of the people did.

  4. Are you serious? How is Prospect not on this list? The section I travel the most, between Washington and Empire, is a disaster. smdh

  5. I wonder if there’s a political formula behind this selection of roads. In Bloomington, nah…couldn’t be!

  6. Spent the day in Champaign Urbana today. By accident I came across a city snow plow truck pulling a hot asphalt inclose trailer ,used to fill potholes. He was stopped at the hay marketplace. I had a brief conversation with him and asked how effective was this hot patch. His answer was no comparison to cold patch. I think out street dept should do a 45 mile road trip to the east and check it out

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