Vaccine failure

By: Diane Benjamin

I’ve been updating and posting the chart below for months. One reader told me he doesn’t understand it, so I will explain it again.

The Illinois Department of Public Health used to claim they don’t track hospitalizations and deaths in fully vaccinated people, but then they started posting it. The problem is they only post totals that don’t show TRENDS.

That is why I created the chart – it shows the number of new hospitalizations and deaths by week.

First see what IDPH reports here:

The totals mean nothing since they don’t reveal what my chart does. IDPH does show those 65+ are still at the most risk. It is sickening that government is pushing jabs for kids as an experiment when they are at almost ZERO risk.

Below is the latest update, hospitalizations and deaths both jumped last week. Treatments should be the focus, obviously the vaccine doesn’t prevent COVID. (This is just another case of knowing or not knowing the truth because of what media you consume: Follow the money) Cases that don’t result in hospitalization or death aren’t reported anywhere.

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  1. This entire government needs to be overthrown & re-organized by “sensible” people, if any are left in this country. Ron 

  2. The ISU actuarial club recently hosted an actuary. She explained Simpson’s paradox and the effectiveness of the vaccines.

    Link explaining Simpson’s paradox and the vaccine, it’s a fallacy you’re prone to making :

    Updated from last week:

    The numbers you shared prove the effectiveness, not the ineffectiveness, of the vaccine.

    Since 4/28/21, 1,153 vaxxed Illinoisans have died of Covid.
    Since 4/28/21 about 5,520 total Illinoisans have died of Covid
    Meaning 4,370 unvaxxed Illinoisans have died of Covid.
    The differences between vaxxed and unvaxxed death rates look even further distanced.
    Assuming Illinois (12.5M people) is 65% vaxxed; Then we have 8.1M vaxxed and 4.4M unvaxxed
    A death rate for vaxxed would be 0.14 (1,153/8.1M)
    A death rate for unvaxxed would be 1.00 (4,370/4.4M)
    The death rate for unaxxed is 7 times (86% effective in preventing Covid death) that of the vaxxed. Meaning that an additional 8,000 Illinoisans would be dead without the vaxx.

    In rural communities, where vaxx rates are lowest and Covid death rates are highest, 2020 life expectancy dropped 3-4 years.

      1. Then In February or so your 5th then in April or may the 6th. make sure you space out your other ones for flu, shingles, pneumonia etc etc, might not be a good idea to get too many at once…

    1. Thanks for the clear breakdown of the numbers. The death rate numbers you posted are very informative. The vaccines are far from perfect, but as your analysis shows, they do significantly reduce the likelihood of death.

    1. Zero immunity is on the way and (ADE) Antibody Dependent Enhancement for all the vaccinated.

      Then we have what looks like an impairment of the DNA repair functions (enzyme alterations) in the cells of the vaccinated and what looks to be the paralysis of P53 and P21 genes that kill mutated stem cells. All of this can result in highly aggressive fast spreading untreatable cancers.

      Anyone unvaccinated that gets any of these variants will have lifetime immunity from any new virus strains. Vaccinated people appear to be not creating memory T-cells. They will get every variant because their immune systems are not recognizing them. If they also have developed ADE their body does not recognize variants and actually assists the virus strains in infecting the host.

      So if you are vaccinated. Get your affairs in order.

      1. Yes, they basically weaken and destroy natural immunity but that’s ok because their deified idol Rat Face Tony (Fauci) scoffs at natural immune systems he seems to think people only survive through injections and the constant ingesting of various big Pharma concoctions.

      1. The CDC admits that VAERS grossly underreports events since it is a voluntary system. The numbers of adverse events is certainly way higher than the numbers reflected in the VAERS data.

  3. A 61 yo relative who got the booster became disoriented and went to the hospital. He died about a week later from a blood clot. He was healthy prior to getting the booster. Also, a 92 yo man got the booster and a short time later got sick, went to the hospital and was diagnosed with CONvid-19. His oxygen level was too low and he died about a week later. I have heard about other people with similar fates after the booster. Consider this a warning to skip the booster, unless you’re prepared to die. The “science” elf doesn’t give a crap about you or your health.

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