This weekend and next:

By: Diane Benjamin

Last night I attended the preview performance of the Evergreen Cemetery Walk. It is a fabulous event that brings local history to life. The acting is superb! The dress worn by the lady portraying Mary Ann Marmon (Jennifer Maloy) is worth the price of admission. Jennifer said it was made by a local high school student.

This year in-person attendance is limited, but the McLean County Museum of History is also offering a virtual version. The virtual version will be available from 11/1 – 12/31.

See details here:

One note: Even though the event is outside they expect people to wear masks, of course I know many people with “medical conditions” who can claim an exemption. Fortunately the actors are not required to wear them.







3 thoughts on “This weekend and next:

    1. That’s why I won’t go, I won’t pay to be dictated to and told to put a face diaper on my face. It’s a pity they act like that. Same reason I have not flown anywhere for going on 2 years now and I used to fly at least 3-4 times a year, sometimes more . Things like demanding masks be worn at an event like the Cemetery Walk are the sort of things that keep this farce going, I will not contribute to it.


  1. Went on the walk years back. Seems it’s most likely the BEST live event in town these days, and it’s factual and historical!! Kind of amazing when you SEE what kind of lives some of Bloomingtons “finest” lived. some things just don’t change. Actors are great also! Worth the $$$ and time.

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