Conservatism died in McLean County today


by:  Diane Benjamin

Today the County Board voted to accept a $170,000 State grant to help implement ObamaCare in McLean County.  They accepted the money from a bankrupt state which got it from the bankrupt feds to implement a program that is failing across the country and will never be ready to start on October 1st.

Board member Chuck Erickson was the ONLY NO vote.  His quote:  “I will not be a vote to put Obamacare on a path to eternal life.  We don’t have to take money in support of something that we don’t philosophically or ethically or morally agree with.”
The vote was 15 to 1, meaning other so-called Republicans voted Yes.  I will find out tomorrow who they were.
Maybe some facts will help.  Low income people are not going to benefit from this grant because they already qualify for Medicaid.  This grant is aimed at getting people signed up through the exchanges – Illinois is not even sure they will be ready on October 1st.  Also, why would anybody who doesn’t have insurance sign up to pay a lot of money every month?  They can pay a fine this year of $95 and still qualify for coverage if they get sick or have an accident.
This grant is nothing more than throwing money down the drain.  The politicians who voted YES showed their true colors.  They are no different than the DC GOP who voted 40 times to repeal ObamaCare, but then want to keep funding it.  They stand for nothing and now we know why the Il GOP is non-existent-it starts with local government.  It doesn’t matter how many so called conservatives are elected – they will stab the citizens in the back whenever free money is available.
Thanks Chuck!  You are one of the few patriots left that can’t be bought.  The other local conservatives appreciate it.

4 thoughts on “Conservatism died in McLean County today

  1. Looks like Chuck Erickson is the only one on our county board with a brain to see the disasters of Obamacare! Obamacare is the poison pill to bankrupt America and destroy our middle class hard working, home owning, tax payers.

  2. First of all, that the main plank of “Obamacare,” the individual mandate, has its origins in conservative circles. It came from the Heritage foundation in 1988. Secondly, do you think McLean County rejecting this money would make any difference at all, on any level?

    1. 1988? If you check with Heritage now their views are far different, especially when the destruction of the economy is evident since the bill passed. People who stand for nothing will fall for anything. Yes it matters.

    2. Great point web staff! You can not believe anyone who can not spell the word Reagan correctly……………….undoubtedly a liberal in liber clothing!

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