The truth about ObamaCare

Evidently the Il GOP has no clue what is really happening in this country because of ObamaCare.  I could post links all day about the destruction this bill is wreaking on our country.  Obama lied, failed to meet deadlines, massively underestimated the cost, wrote his own rules, and put the IRS in charge of your healthcare.  And, YES there are death panels.  Not one representative from Illinois in the House is signed on the Defund ObamaCare.  Rodney Davis is on video supporting it, but so far his name is not on the bill.  ObamaCare is turning the country into a bunch of part time workers and the GOP Leadership and the IL GOP doesn’t care enough to fight back.  Playing defense never wins the game because you can’t score!

Now the County Board has accepted money to sign people up.  We are truly ruled by idiots, not public servants. (Exception for Chuck Erickson!)

If these links aren’t enough – I’ve got more.

Defund Obamacare gains momentum everywhere but in House leadership

ObamaCare Navigators Won’t Undergo Background Checks, But Will Have Access to Your Personal Information!

Avik Roy’s Report on Obamacare’s 41 Missed Deadlines 2013-08-19

One thought on “The truth about ObamaCare

  1. Obamacare is no solution because everything Obama fixes he destroys with his ignorant failed policies. I’m shocked at how many people still can not see through this fraudulent Chicago gangster government of Obama and his regime.

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