Pony Fields built without taxpayer money! Soccer wants yours.

Note:  The Pony League (baseball) fields are at the comer of Towanda-Barnes Road and Ireland Grove.

by:  Diane Benjamin

The local soccer people want you to pay for their new fields on the west side of town.  A 1/4% Sales Tax increase would be required by a group of private citizens.

The first question is why private citizens think they are allowed to request a new tax for a private venture.  They will say it’s for the kids, it will generate economic activity, and it will bring tourism into the area through tournaments held at the complex.  Wasn’t the same argument used for the Coliseum and the BCPA?

Then I thought of the Pony Fields and wondered how they were built, so I emailed them and asked.  Here is their response:

The Pony Fields along with a concession stand and two storage buildings are privately owned by the league and were built without taxpayers’ money.
Please let me know if I can help with any other information.
Brian Thede
PONY Business Mgr.
Taxpayer money is so much easier though.

One thought on “Pony Fields built without taxpayer money! Soccer wants yours.

  1. Great points. Surprisingly, The Pantagraph got it right on their editorial page this morning. Imagine that. What does this say about the project when even the Pantagraph is against it.

    This article encouraged me to do a little research of my own about how much does it cost to build a soccer field. Here’s a great web site I came across with tips on how to do it: http://www.usyouthsoccer.org/assets/1/1/SoYoutWantToOwnAndBuildYourOwnSoccerComplex.pdf

    I’d encourage people to read through this. It doesn’t take long and it’s very enlightening. No where on this site are people encouraged to petition their city government for sales tax revenue. It’s all about how to raise funds to cover the expense through private donations. $16 million seems high to me, but when you’re trying to bilk your government, go big or stay at home.

    I personally think this could be a very profitable investment for a private investor. Your biggest expense is the land and if things don’t work out leasing it out to soccer clubs you could always turn around and sell the property, or develop it yourself for another use. You’re looking at a prime piece of real estate that’s only going to appreciate in value. The owner might even want to consider a couple of wind turbines for added revenue. Our kiddos could pursue their World Cup dreams with a nice cool breeze.

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