Phony Republicans on the McLean County Board

Below are the members of the McLean County Board.  3 were absent from the vote on accepting $170,000 grant to enroll area residents in ObamaCare.


Don J. Cavallini, District 1  Republican

Stan Hoselton, District 1 Republican

Jim Soeldner, District 2 Republican

Matt Sorensen, District 2 County Board Chairman Didn’t vote as chair (R)

Julie J. Brandt, District 3  Democrat

George O. Wendt, District 3 ABSENT Republican

Sally K. Pyne, District 4  ABSENT Democrat

William T. Caisley, District 4 Republican

Sondra (Sonny) O’Connor, District 5 Republican

John McIntyre, District 5  Republican

Laurie Wollrab, District 6 Democrat

George Gordon, District 6 Democrat

Richard Buchanan, District 7 ABSENT Republican

Victoria F. Harris, District 7 Democrat

Carlo Robustelli, District 8 Democrat

Paul R. Segobiano, District 8 Democrat

Erik Rankin,    District 9 Democrat

Susan Schafer, District 9  Republican

Benjamin Owens, District 10 Republican

Chuck Erickson, District 10 Republican-only NO Vote

The County Board consists of 20 members.  Start counting.  11 Republicans and 9 Democrats.  Sorensen doesn’t vote as chairman.  Republicans have a ONE vote majority in a County formerly extremely conservative.  Soon the County could look a lot like the state and country.  Congratulations citizens, don’t bother to vote and be informed!  Sign your own financial death warranty by not paying attention. Of course with Republicans like the ones currently on the board, what difference does it make?  Here’s the final list of Republicans in name only (RINO’s) who voted for money to implement ObamaCare here:














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