Easy Choice: Chuck Erickson

By: Diane Benjamin

Below is a map of the 88th district currently represented by Dan Calkins who isn’t running for re-elections. Two Republicans want to replace him.

The choice:

  • A 12-year fiscally responsible County Board member who lives in McLean County
  • A lady who lives in Mt. Zion – south east of Decatur? (Regan Deering)

Which will represent you better?

Of course Chuck Erickson will. Don’t be fooled.

8 thoughts on “Easy Choice: Chuck Erickson

  1. Based on his stupid airport bill, I thought that all this area of McLean County was represented by Dave Koehler and his weenie bow tie.

  2. Chuck Erickson is a solid up-by-the- bootstraps conservative servant leader. Chuck has been a workhorse representing conservative values and advocating conservative issues from Guns to low taxes – again and again – not for any credit or spotlight – but for US and our community.

    As for his opponent, she is a wealthy heiress that has run for 3 offices in 8 months – supported all the way by establishment billionaires from Chicagoland. The same people that tried to shove Richard Irvin and his ilk on us during the last election.

    Mclean County deserves a voice in Springfield.
    We deserve someone who represents OUR interests and fights for OUR conservative values.

    The author is correct – Chuck Erickson IS the easy choice in this race. He’s got my vote !

  3. Chuck Erickson will be a great rep for us. He’s been committed to low taxes and reasonable government services for years.

  4. Chuck Erickson? Really? He’s such a staunch conservative that he cowers from the local whack job leftists for fear of energizing them. Little secret Chuck, those rabble-rousing leftists (dare I say communists) are already energized by the boatload while our side plays pick up sticks getting voters to the polls in ones and twos.

    Yeah, if Chuck can’t find the balls to even bring up a symbolic Second Amendment sanctuary resolution, does anyone really think he will be there for other core conservative issues?

    Chuck’s too busy being one of those establishment that talks a good game at election time and then does next to nothing once in office. Or worse, like that twit Preston, moderates already squishy beliefs to “compromise” with the radical left. Where was Chuck’s high profile “leadership” on easy issues like kiddo grooming in schools, law and order and illegal immigration, much less conservative causes like killing babies?

    Yeah, believing he is the best candidate because he lives in one corner of a district as opposed to another corner is about as sensical as selecting a candidate based upon sex or skin color.

    Put another way, has Chuck’s leadership as the Republican Chairman put more real conservatives in office on the county board and other local offices or has it resulted in fewer wins for those who don’t subscribe to abortion on demand, child grooming in schools, illegal “immigration”, no cash bail, defund the police and more gov regulation?

  5. I’ve known Chuck for many years. He’s a great guy that has the citizens instest at had. He knows how to get things done. He’s a pro life, pro gun and more importantly pro God conservative. We don’t need someone that just wants a title we need some that knows how and will fight for the people. Join me in voting for Chuck. A real conservative that can’t and won’t be bought by Chicago billionaires.

  6. Erickson is a great choice. A far better choice than his opponent who is little more than a trust fund elitist seeking any office her money can buy.

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