Update: Bloomington fun tonight

No surprise, the government center meeting room won’t be done until October. The city posted a video on Facebook stating that. h/t Kelby Compston who evidently reads their page. If you need a job the City has a ton of them posted there!

By: Diane Benjamin

Tonight should be the last meeting at the BCPA. The new renovated meeting room is supposed to be done by the first September meeting. Keep in mind the City had a room to meet on Olive street where the technology actually worked. Instead of moving to the Government Center that room could have been renovated making designing a room both the County and City use immaterial. Now the public isn’t allowed in the old building, the Hub in the government center is the “where to go” location. Of course it had to be built too.

Keep in mind too: The Council never voted on moving to the Government Center.

What’s this? American Rescue Plun funds given to a private business? https://www.bloomingtonil.gov/home/showpublisheddocument/29590/638284630238730000

Entire Agenda: https://d3n9y02raazwpg.cloudfront.net/cityblm/259b0ad3-7d4f-11ed-9024-0050569183fa-d854eb82-3702-4140-9de6-ac3a8e3f379d-1692983780.pdf

Only 1 item is on the Regular Agenda:

Documentation for this item.

I think dividing Water from Public Works isn’t a bad thing. Realize though making Public Works solely in charge of Streets, Sewers, and Solid Waste will not get the streets fixed unless more money is spent to fix the streets. Continued underfunding maintenance means the potholes will continue.

Part of this reorganization also creates an engineering department. The cost of this reorganization is expected to be “immaterial”.

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  1. Council voted to use ARPA funds for Economic Development ($1M), Social Services ($1M), and Infrastructure, primarily Locust/Colton CSO, ($9+M). Use is allowed under the “Treasury’s Final Rule.”
    The allocations for ED (small business & single family homes up to $45K each) and SS (non profits) were done by application on a first come, first serve basis.

  2. How much taxpayer monies is this redecorating costing? How many road’s could be repaired with the money? Bloomington getting redecorated you can bet mayor tin hat Koos will do the same!

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