Bloomington recap

By: Diane Benjamin Julie Emig was absent again. Proving Covid is now no big deal, Tim Gleason attended by zoom from the other side of the wall. He stated he had direct exposure to Covid and didn’t want to sit next to other council members and possibly expose them. Remember when people were required to […]

Local Taxes Fun

By: Diane Benjamin Remember when the Local Sales Tax Rate increased back on 1/1/2016? This is what Bloomington residents were told it was for: PDF Page 2: This year the City of Bloomington budgeted $7.2 million for streets and sidewalks: The Local Motor Fuel Tax projected revenue this year is $4.1 million. […]

Bloomington, still planning on how to give away money

By: Diane Benjamin Alderman Julie Emig was absent, Dee Urban was sick but attended remotely. The only item pulled from the Consent Agenda was a Liquor License so Grant Walsh could ask if a video gaming license was included. It isn’t because Bloomington limits the number of licenses. FYI: Limiting licenses only enriches those who […]

Bloomington tonight: Want to avoid lawsuits?

By: Diane Benjamin Packet: The State of Illinois and local governments violated the Illinois Constitution by closing businesses and depriving landlords of income. Bloomington made it worse by sending unpaid water bills to landlords after telling renters they don’t have to pay. Illinois Constitution-Bill of Rights Government told renters they don’t have to pay […]

Bloomington last night

By: Diane Benjamin First, I only watched the first hour of the 2 hour and 21 minute meeting. I flipped over to Normal at 7:00 and didn’t go back and watch the rest of Bloomington as I usually do. I’d rather be outside! Every alderman managed to show up for this meeting. The first hour […]