Bloomington recap

By: Diane Benjamin

Julie Emig was absent again.

Proving Covid is now no big deal, Tim Gleason attended by zoom from the other side of the wall. He stated he had direct exposure to Covid and didn’t want to sit next to other council members and possibly expose them. Remember when people were required to isolate after exposure even with no symptoms?

Of course the property tevy increase passed. The discussion turned to comparing Bloomington taxes to Normal.

All of the below are from these links:



Sales taxes are the same for both, both are collecting more Sales Tax due to inflation.

Both have a 2% Food and Beverage Tax. Both have a 4% Package Liquor Tax.

Both have an $.08 Motor Fuel tax. Both have a 6% Tax on short term rentals.

Bloomington has a 4% Amusement tax, Normal doesn’t have one. Normal does have a 5% cable tax and a 6% Telecommunications Tax. Bloomington covers cable in their Amusement Tax, so they are 1% less. I know Bloomington did have a Utilities Tax, but it isn’t listed on their tax page now.

Property taxes 2021, from county Assessor’s website:

Bloomington: 1.085890

Bloomington Library: .304570

Total: 1.39046

Normal: 1.027190

Normal Library: 0.432070

Total: 1.45926

Property tax rates in Normal were higher in 2021 than Bloomington. Rates for 2022 aren’t set yet.

Garbage, Water, Storm Water, and Sewer rates:



Water rates are hard to compare since Bloomington measures in cubic feet and Normal measures in gallons:

Garbage in Normal is a flat $32.00 a month. Bloomington’s varies based on the size of the can. In 2022 the large can surpassed what Normal charges. Normal doesn’t have semi-annual bulk pickups. Got a couch to get rid of, Normal picks it up.

Storm Water is difficult to compare since the two measure differently.

Comparing Sewer charges have the same problem.

If any readers want to take a stab at comparisons, go for it.

Below is what I found most interesting. The presentation of road work was before where this video starts. It had many slides of how road work happens, worth watching. It didn’t take long because Kevin Kothe flew through it. Just hit play to hear part of Alderman Sheila Montney asking questions. The amount of road work done every year will never get to “good” roads.

The council did assign another $2 million from ARPA funds to road work. Since the “buy local policy” won’t apply to this work that is out for bid now (or soon will be) the City is hoping for bids by other contractors.

8 thoughts on “Bloomington recap

  1. Two Items.
    1. Apparently 2 members of the council don’t like hearing debate, they would rather spend other people’s money. That is a nice c omparison to Normal. Shut down the opposition, don’t let them talk!
    2. Crabil? Is he pro police now?

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  2. Absolutely no one said COVID is no big deal. Your blog has been a source of disinformation and misinformation about COVID and vaccinations.
    People are in fact getting sick with COVID. If they are vaccinated and boosted they will not be hospitalized or die. But there were those who refuse to get vaccinated. Those are the people who are being hospitalized and may die. Combine this with a bad flu season people are also getting sick of the flu and dying. Many children are respiratory infections who are being hospitalized.


      1. Empirically wrong. At least 262,908,216 people or 79% of the population have received at least one dose.

        Overall, 224,113,439 people or 68% of the population are considered fully vaccinated.

        Additionally, 108,806,974 people or 33% of the population have received a booster dose..

        According to the National Library of Medicine Research “ During March-May 2021, SARS-CoV-2 mRNA vaccines were highly effective for preventing Covid-19 hospitalizations among US adults. SARS-CoV-2 vaccination was beneficial for patients with immunosuppression, but effectiveness was lower in the immunosuppressed population.” So if you were fully vaccinated and not immunosuppresed you will not be hospitalized or die of COVID. Those who refused to be vaccinated are the ones dying in hospitals now


        1. Just thought you would like to know I am getting over Covid along with my vaccinated and boosted wife. It is like a week long flu. My taste is not affected and I breathe fine. Never have gotten the jab and never will. People who go to the hospital die because tge germ level is much higher than staying home. Let you know if I succumb to the virus over the weekend. Do you think Fauci was involved in gain of function?

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