Bloomington’s last meeting of the year:

By: Diane Benjamin

Bills and Payroll:

Who got the Gift Cards? How much was each worth?

Meeting Agenda and documents:

The Property Tax Levy will be approved and then a sure to be riveting presentation by Public Works: 2022 RoadWork Wrap-up.

If the 2035 goal isn’t met it won’t matter. The City Manager will be gone and likely most of the Council. “Good condition” would require spending much more per year than what has been spent. Future Councils might not think infrastructure is important. For now this one does. Elections matter, the next one is in April. You should show up and vote if you care about not wrecking your car in a pothole.

Many details are in this story:






9 thoughts on “Bloomington’s last meeting of the year:

  1. Council should drive GE Road between Hershey and Airport…..maybe not the worst road in town but it’s up there. As an example of the repair quality drive through Hawthorne Hills subdivision, be sure to drive on the fresh black sections …..see if you can keep from getting seasick! Shameful for a neighborhood that pays obscene taxes….all those homes pay most of a $1000. a MONTH and more in real estate taxes, some twice that much!!

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  2. I’m sick and friggin’ tired of all the gift cards that go out. Redistribution of wealth ALWAYS sticking it to the taxpayers. They’ve got not concept of, “Sorry little Georgie, they’ll be no extra nice presents for you this Xmas. We’ve got to eat and the city workers have to get their excellent salaries, benefits, and FREE GIFT CARDS! Be happy with your spam honey now go to sleep.”


      1. The police don’t shop at Walmart anymore. Something with Walmarts policy changer. Or at least the county sheriffs office don’t. That was what I was told.


  3. Glad to hear the gift cars “this time” were for some deserving kids. There is so much abuse, I see stuff like that and assumed the worse making an ass of myself. Wasn’t the first time, won’t be the last. At least I can honestly say that I try to keep those instances in check.


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