Bloomington tonight: Want to avoid lawsuits?

By: Diane Benjamin


The State of Illinois and local governments violated the Illinois Constitution by closing businesses and depriving landlords of income. Bloomington made it worse by sending unpaid water bills to landlords after telling renters they don’t have to pay.

Illinois Constitution-Bill of Rights

Government told renters they don’t have to pay rent because of Covid. Bloomington told the same people they didn’t have to pay for the same reason.

Landlords were denied PROPERTY. Some renters were allowed to steal housing and City services without penalties.

Tonight Bloomington will discuss how to spend the remaining ARPA funds.

If they don’t want sued for violating Due Process and Equal Protection I suggest they use the free money to pay off water bills landlords are only responsible for because their government told renters not to pay.

Vacant housing exists that can’t be leased because the water has been shut off. That is Economic Development – what some of the money is supposed to be spent on.

Landlords who were hurt because of their government need to band together. Government will hurt you again and again unless there are consequences to their actions.





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