Of course Normal is planning without live stream

By: Diane Benjamin

Today – Normal Council is meeting where parking is difficult and video won’t be available! Make a PLAN, work the PLAN. (Send taxpayers the bill)

14 thoughts on “Of course Normal is planning without live stream

  1. Why there of all places? I hope people are finally catching on to the fact that kooskoos and his merry band of thieves (not Stan Nord) HATE the people–the taxpayers. But they sure are happy to confiscate their money.

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  2. In Normal “we plan our work and work our plan.”

    They’re working their plan:

    1. Meet at an inconvenient time when pesky Normal citizens won’t be able to attend the meeting. (Some of us have to work in order to pay our taxes in Normal).
    2. Meet at a different location than usual to confuse those pesky citizens who might attend.
    3. Meet at a location that does not have live stream, again, to detour those pesky citizens who might watch.
    4. Don’t allow public comment that might disrupt the unity of our Village Council.
    5. Have plenty of time to listen to the experts that will confirm what city staff wants to do. Note the expert opinions come at great expense to the taxpayers through consultants and surveys specifically designed to tell them what they want to hear as opposed to what they need to hear.

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      1. Yes, I understand that. What is the reason the council is giving for choosing this location? I’m curious about what they have to say and is it a violation of the meetings act or something?


  3. Early on when Stan asked why the Town needed to rent the overpriced 2nd floor above the empty restaurant, he was told they had really good, much-needed meeting rooms there. If they’re worth half-a-million-ish a year, how are they still not good enough for the town council?

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  4. I actually went to this. Despite well-deserved suspicions, for the most part it was nothing nefarious or even warranting public input or oversight. More later…

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