Fly on the Wall: Democrats running for County Board

Why do Democrat County Board candidates refuse to talk with Steve Suess on his Sunday show (Cities 92.9)?

If they can’t discuss issues with a non-threatening libertarian will any of them discuss issues with Republicans if they are elected?

What are they hiding? What are they afraid of? Truth? Democracy?

13 thoughts on “Fly on the Wall: Democrats running for County Board

  1. Refusing to talk is how the minority rules. It worked for Biden!

    But whose fault is it really?
    It’s voters that don’t care to know what their candidates stand for and all the rest that could care less about voting in the first place.

    Democrats are devious. They always have been and they’re even worse now.

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    1. Why should anyone “debate” a radio station that spews Antisemitic screeds? And who broadcast one of the most unprofessional talk show ever? They have been also known to Plagiarize another station content? Why would they debate a radio station and you while you lie about criminal reform? Or a radio station that boarded a bus to the insurrection and violence of January 6th? Cities is an QANON mess.


      1. @Captain Dan,
        Who said anything about debate? Or do you think answering questions or stating candidate’s political positions are a form of debate? I would hope that you would also want to know what the candidates think. However, it sounds like you don’t care to know, which fits in nicely with the candidates that don’t want you to know.

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  2. Seems a matter of character. A candidate should be transparent, accessible and accountable. If they shy away for engagement it’s usually a warning. From there things rarely improve but the sure can get worse in a hurry.

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  3. So when does 92.9 suddenly start to care about county board candidates ? unless you’re a ‘friend of the station’ or a relative of a show host they don’t care about candidates of either party.


  4. Well, Corey Beirne can’t risk being questioned about his “alter ego,” or why he’s comfortable talking to kids about sex. He admitted this. During public comment at a school board meeting he said this. Why Corey? That is absolutely none of your business!

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  5. This is campaigning 101. It is too risky to do live, unscripted interviews, especially if tough questions may be asked. Democrats demand to know the questions ahead of time. Remember the presidential debates were caught giving Hillary the questions ahead of the debates. That policy has filtered down to local politics. It is better to take the Biden approach and hide in the basement than be recorded saying something damaging. This is the reality of the proliferation of negative campaigns, people look for reasons not to vote for you.

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  6. Isn’t this the same tactic we saw from those in favor of wards in normal take? Nord refused to speak to GLT, and they didn’t participate in the league of women voters study.

    If the right feels the left will use their words to misinform the people on their side, wouldn’t the left feel the same about cities fm?


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