What about Landlords Pritzker?

By:  Diane Benjamin People have been emailing Public Comments to the Bloomington City Council instead of calling in.  I’ve always considered Public Comment for the PUBLIC, not for the elected officials.  Most hardly pay attention.  Meanwhile citizens like hearing what other citizens have to say to elected officials. I FOIA’d these comments for 6 meetings.  […]

The entitled show up to shame 

By:  Diane Benjamin Public comment last night was loaded with those who think they are entitled to tax dollars.  Yes people have lost jobs and yes paying bills is next to impossible, but that doesn’t make them entitled to anything.  The good socialists showed up en masse to criticize the FIVE Council members who voted […]

Goodbye affordable housing

By:  Diane Benjamin Bloomington City Council – Monday night: Landlords beware.  You will be paying more.  People living in your apartments aren’t capable of: Asking you to fix problems Moving to a better maintained apartment if you won’t Withholding rent until you fix problems Making repairs themselves and deducting the cost from rent Reporting you […]