The kid that never grew up

By: Diane Benjamin

The local far left never left junior high. They are the bullies who think people need to think just like them or be banished from earth.

Jenn Carrillo proved on her Facebook page she is a bully. Don’t forget her buddies are just as clueless:

“People First” means criminals first (defund the police) and Welcoming City means illegal aliens are more important than citizens. Otherwise, their campaigns doesn’t give specifics. (It’s an Alinsky secret)

Jenn’s latest:

  1. Jenn doesn’t know government can’t confiscate property without compensation. Government told people they don’t have to pay rent, therefore they illegally took property of the landlords. That is not a RISK Jenn, it’s theft.
  2. Nobody has a RIGHT to housing and water. Do grocery stores have to ignore shop lifters because people have a RIGHT to food too? RIGHTS come from God, not people. People are entitled to whatever they can pay for. If landlords didn’t provide housing and expect to be paid for doing it, the housing wouldn’t exist.
  3. Rent and mortgage cancellation is just another Jenn joke. Like all democrat socialists she thinks people that provide a service have piles of cash in the basement and therefore don’t need the income they are entitled to. Cancel rent and landlords can’t pay their mortgage. Cancel mortgage payments and the banks won’t have money to lend. Jenn would be crying about people not able to get loans if that happened.

Nobody disparaged poor people Jenn, unlike you disparaging landlords. Landlords provide a service and expect to be paid for that service.

How about you working for a year without getting paid Jenn? I know rabble-rousing doesn’t pay very well, do you pay your rent? Programs exist to support people unable to pay. Jenn wants you to feel sorry for those who are free-loading and not even applying for assistance.

Sorry Jenn, you and your cronies needs to be defeated. This country allows people to excel because here people determine their own fate. People are expected to be self-reliant, not wards of the state.

One more note Jenn: Your comments disgust me. Progressives disgust me.






17 thoughts on “The kid that never grew up

  1. Don’t like what Jenn is doing? Make sure your friends realize how important it is to vote!!! She had more than enough residents who voted for her to get elected!!! Less than 20% of voters vote so it makes it easy for caustic people to get elected.

    1. With so few truly good candidates coming forward in Bloomington, one thing you Can do is tell any Normal people you know to vote Marc, David, Steve, Karl. If good potential candidates see other good candidates do well, they’re more likely to actually throw their hat in the ring next time around.

  2. “Idle hands are the devil’s workshop; idle lips are his mouthpiece.”
    Fits, doesn’t it? Eliminating law enforcement, indoctrinating kids, and importing countless untraceable unemployed illegals into a Christian community — to destroy it unimpeded. Jenn is a puppet of Lucifer, no doubt about it. (I’ve seen with my own eyes one of her local inner-group “activists” in Moloch-worship satanic dress in her Amazon profile (that she’s since changed — Diane saw it, too) along with more than a few reviews written by this person on blatantly satanic books. So I exaggerate not.) Everything about Jenn and her group is sinful, mean-spirited, deceitful, and destructive. Exactly what they were enlisted to do. Same with Tari Renner — disingenuous mercenaries, peas in a pod. Weak, morally dead, infinitely insecure people who were easy prey to do satan’s bidding by believing his false promises when they cut the bargain.
    They will learn soon enough that those promises will not be kept. Their souls were bought for a pittance.
    We are positively at End of Days. If you don’t believe this statement, save it and read it back in a few months — maybe sooner. That’s why we’re seeing all this evil out in the light of day, unhidden, bold, defiant. If you are a true believer in Jesus Christ and know the Bible reasonably well, it won’t take you long to realize it. Lucifer hasn’t much time to gather al the souls he can. Why do you think these communists (satanists) target young people? They are easier prey for their deceptions. Keep your kids close. Read your Bible (particularly Book of Daniel, Isaiah, and of course Book of Revelation). We need to take the “nice” gloves off RIGHT NOW and call this what it is. EVIL.

  3. This is an excellent commentary on Jenn Carillo! Until 3 or 4 years ago, I had never heard of her!  Keep up your great work!!

     Ron D.

  4. Another Jennism –
    What actually happened.
    The landlords complained that they can not continue to pay for the properties that they rent to people who do not pay their monthly bills. They will not be able to continue to provide this service if something isn’t done. They said that the renters have access to support to pay their bills but they refuse to lift a finger to get it.

    What Carrillo reports – the landlords “disparaged poor people”.
    Disparage – regard or represent as being of little worth.

    Another in a long line of her Marxist tactics meant to sew division in our community for political gain.

    Is this Carrillo’s long term intention? – confiscation of private property to the government central planning.

    The theory of the Communists may be summed up in the single sentence: Abolition of private property.

    KARL MARX, The Communist Manifesto

  5. Okay, if they have the “right” to housing, then why aren’t they building their own shelter, instead of squatting in someone else’s? No one is saying they can’t have housing, just not housing owned by someone else. But I guess it’s much easier to steal from others than it is to be responsible for yourself. Besides, why be responsible for yourself when the government is backing their theft? Maybe landlords need to stop providing maintenance for their buildings and insist that people like Carillo pay for the upkeep, especially if it’s that important to them.

  6. adj. (Spanish – Literal translation: Female Ham) Pronunciation: Ha-moh-nah.

    It is said of the female that reaches her late adult years without a husband/wife. It was previously attributed to females that never got married or had verifiable long-term human companionship. However, recent social connotations include divorced women, especially those who married early in her adulthood, divorced quickly, and never got married or had long-term relationships again. These women are notorious for their sad lonely eyes and their irrational love for their pets.
    Poor woman, she divorced at 24 and has been jamona ever since.

  7. Wow more evidence that Jennifer Carrillo lives rent free in this commentator head and the collective heads of each and every commenter on this board. Over 40 blog entries from 2018 to today that mention are ALL about 1 Bloomington Councilwoman. Someone is obsessed with Carrillo and its not in a good way.

    From the hysterical “end of times” claims to the equally racist and homophobic comments.

    Also someone doesn’t know what they are talking about in Spanish. The Spanish word for woman is La mujer not “Ham”. The meaning of jamona in Spanish is buxom or plump.

    Poor woman, she divorced at 24 and has been jamona ever since. So she has been buxom ever since? You also copied your entire post from an Urban Dictionary web site.

      1. Yeah sure. A Latina councilwoman is a domestic enemy. No. It’s more about your bigotry. No one is “destroying” capitalism in this country, capitalism is alive and well. It seems that is YOU who needs to learn history. When bigotry and xenophobia take over in America, ugly things start to happen like lynching and cross burnings. You have posted more than 40 articles about Ms Carrillo, which means it’s YOU who is obsessed with her. I bet anything that if she was a straight white woman you wouldn’t be writing one unhinged breathless articles about her ad nauseam.
        And yes, Ms Carrillo lives rent free in every commenter here. Anyone who puts up fake Spanish slag that’s totally wrong is really off their noggin.

        1. @Holly Berry,
          Socialism has nothing to do with race or sex.
          Moving to socialism on its route to Communism does. Read Karl Marx. Follow the teaching of the leaders of BLM.

      1. Should have added religion in my list too. That’s a big stumbling block for socialism, communism, race theory and all the nonsense that’s been cropping up lately. You can have no other god but the government.

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