The Campaign Sign Law

By: Diane Benjamin

I was told the fine for illegally placed campaign signs used to be $50 a day. Since those wanting to illegally place signs write the laws, it isn’t anymore:

The fine is now worthless since tickets aren’t going to written for $2 a day. The illegal signs will only get worse since nobody will enforce action.

There are a lot of signs around town like this – illegal to be on City property between the sidewalk and the road:

h/t a reader:

If you have one, move it to your yard!

3 thoughts on “The Campaign Sign Law

  1. Of course they will not enforce this matter because it impacts them personally.
    BUT let’s not forget all of the time and money spent to shut-down local businesses!!
    They made sure to strong-arm business owners with ridiculous fines for simply trying to run their businesses.
    Meanwhile, Vitesse Bike Shop remains open for the past 12 months AND even holds the infamous “Protester Sale”
    They are a bunch of clowns!!

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    1. Be sure to mention all of the above to everyone you know, especially Normal voters!
      We need council members who put our economy ahead of their egos, who put our people ahead of their politics. (And I was one of the Protesters at that “Protester Sale”! I was doing fine financially, but I knew a lot of people, especially in lower-paying jobs, were hurting unnecessarily.)

      Marc, David, Steve, and Karl for Normal Mayor and Council!

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