2 candidates to avoid

By: Diane Benjamin

Even though private schools and public schools like Tri-Valley are open for in-person learning, this guy doesn’t think yours should be:

Your kids are going to be a year behind much of the country and the world because on-line classes don’t work. Most parents know that!

Gavin is teaming up with another kid running for Heartland’s Board, I wonder if he realizes the literature is backwards:

Both are aligned with the local far left. Equity and Equality are not the same thing.

We are created EQUAL, but EQUITY demands equal outcomes regardless of the effort expended.

The local leftists think EQUALITY should be handed out without doing the work. Redistribution of your assets is un-American.

If either cared about opportunity to achieve EQUALITY they would be demanding school choice instead of assigning a school based on address.

Public schools would overnight get better in order to be chosen by parents wanting the best for their kids. They have no incentive to educate now. Hence it is too scary to teach in person.

4 thoughts on “2 candidates to avoid

  1. Typical liberal leftist approach to things exhibited in the picture. A desire to make big changes they feel are needed but a total failure to take a close look at the the details to do such (hold up flyers backwards lol) Example: Lets make the minimum wage $15….i so one can live in today’s world, oops they forgot doing so will give rise to inflation that will put them back where they were. One can not get ahead by having govt’ do it for them, one has to get off their ZZZ get a skill, educated in something that supports that skill and work for it!

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  2. I just wanted to point out that the entire picture is backwards, which I think is caused by using the camera facing you instead of the one on the back of the phone. At least that’s what it looks like to me. I don’t think the backwards pamphlets were actually held backwards. The text on his mask is backwards as well.


  3. Heartlands district is large and anyone can attend even if they’re outside of it. Not sure why you’re grouping Joshua with the “public school choice” conversation when he’s running for a college board. Also things look backwards when they’re photographed.


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