Weekend: Let’s see who is offended today

6 thoughts on “Weekend: Let’s see who is offended today

  1. For one It was the Estate of Dr Suess, Theodor Seuss Geisel who withdrew printing 6 of his lessor known books. The books have not been banned, it was a business decision by his Estate to stop publishing those books. Two, the president of the United States has absolutely no control over the price of gas. None. The price is fixed by consortia like OPEC. Gas price are also reliant on weather, the cold snap in Texas affected the refineries there they had to shut down when their pipes froze.

    It seems that it’s you who is constantly offended. If these are the things that conservatives are upset about, then they really don’t have anything to say about real life issues and everyday problems most of this country is concerned about. The majority of Americans aren’t really upset that the Estate of Dr Suess aren’t publishing some of his titles. They have better things to worry about.


    1. Funny! So Trump did nothing to keep gas prices low for 4 years and as soon as Biden shut down the pipeline and demanded action on global warming gas started going up. Obviously neither president had a thing to do with the prices! Seriously? OPEC didn’t matter when we were energy independent under Trump. Biden wants high gas prices. Keep up with the news.

      Guess you didn’t notice the estate said they wouldn’t publish anymore, Amazon, Ebay, etc played along because they are “woke”.


      1. Again it was the Estate of Dr Suess who made the decision not Amazon or Ebay. If it was a decision by Amazon, it only added to their bottom line with people buying those titles. The fact is that publishers and the Estates of many writers make decisions whether to publish book posthumously. Suess Enterprises isn’t alone.


        So you seem to think that the shutdown of a pipeline that hasn’t even been built the culprit of gas prices? Wrong:

        “The actual price of a barrel of oil is constantly changing, since oil is a commodity that is traded on the futures market. Buying and selling oil futures is called speculating, because you’re making trades based on expectations of future supply and demand. AND:

        “The only way the president can quickly boost the oil supply to lower gasoline prices is by tapping the Strategic Petroleum Reserve, an emergency stockpile of more than 700 million barrels of crude oil stored along the U.S. Gulf Coast (a barrel of oil equals about 159 liters, or 42 gallons). In June 2011, President Obama released 30 million barrels of oil from the emergency reserves in response to crises in Libya and Yemen.



  2. The reason for prices going up has little to do Biden. Steve K is right. Gas companies were hit hard during pandemic because travel slowed and some businesses were not transported goods as much. You put that with the deep freeze and resulting power outages in Texas and OPEC and Russia agreeing to continue production cuts, prices go up. You can blame Biden, but you would showing yourself the fool if you continue to do so.


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