Is Bloomington perpetuating the housing shortage?

By: Diane Benjamin

This lady was back at public comment last night. She is a landlord who is stuck with the water bill(s) of tenant(s) who didn’t pay before they left because Bloomington said they didn’t have to:


She stated she is on the hook for $27,000. She was never contacted by the City before the tenant(s) abandoned the property, the City decided to be charitable and keep the water on – then they sent her the bill.

She can’t rent the property without water. How many other perfectly fine properties are sitting empty because the City transferred bills to the landlords who can’t pay?

Some lawyer should be filing a massive lawsuit against the City for violating the rights of the landlords with the overaction to COVID when they knew the feds were handing out money. It is illegal to diminish the value to landlords while pretending to be sympathetic to renters. The City enriched renters at their landlord’s expense. Pritzker said they didn’t have to pay rent, Bloomington handed them free water. They were squatters for MANY months.

I’ve been trying since early September to find out how many are involved and what the past due amount is. The City prefers to pay games with FOIA requests.

Just hit play to hear her comment:

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