Bloomington: MESSY website!

By: Diane Benjamin

Monday’s Bloomington City Council meeting was SHORT. The video is only 33 minutes and 21 seconds.

The stated purpose of the Committee of the Whole meeting was reviewing the Council Retreat. Mboka showed some slides, evidently the video is the only place to see them.

The City website has a Documents tab:

The tab looks nicely organized until you click on anything.

Try clicking on Administrative Documents.

  • Public Comments has one entry in 2020
  • City Manager Monthly Reports hasn’t been updated since 2019
  • Council Retreat has nothing since 2013

Try clicking on other tabs. They are littered with items no longer used and make it difficult to locate whatever you are looking for. Each tab needs an ARCHIVE subtab – move everything no longer applicable to that tab so only current items are listed. The website would be much cleaner and easier to use.

The point of the above is: I can’t find the slides presented on Monday anywhere on line.

These are from the video:

Tim Gleason will be taking the data and turning it into action items for Council.

Bloomington could cancel all landlord water bills, turn the water back on, and instantly solve parts of the 4th column. It’s way past time to do the right thing since they caused the problem.

The rest looks more like gibberish.

How many recent water main breaks has Bloomington experienced? 5? 6? It’s hard to keep track.

One more note: New Council members will be elected in April. They will be stuck with what this Council does whether they agree or not. Julie Emig was absent again.






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