What about Landlords Pritzker?

By:  Diane Benjamin

People have been emailing Public Comments to the Bloomington City Council instead of calling in.  I’ve always considered Public Comment for the PUBLIC, not for the elected officials.  Most hardly pay attention.  Meanwhile citizens like hearing what other citizens have to say to elected officials.

I FOIA’d these comments for 6 meetings.  Below is one of the comments that of course wasn’t read at Council.

Pritzker just extended his “no evictions” order through August.  He doesn’t have that authority but In Illinois the law is immaterial even if a court rules edicts are illegal.

This letter was submitted in early June.  I am withholding the name because it likely applies to many other landlords too.  Because GOVERNMENT shut down their employers, many renters have not been able to pay rent.  Bloomington now has money available renters can request to pay rent.  I don’t believe landlords have the ability to ask for money if a tenant doesn’t.  The overly generous unemployment checks should have provided the money, maybe some didn’t qualify.  Use your imagination here.

Pritzker seems to care about tenants who can’t pay, he has said nothing about the landlords that can’t collect.  He must think they have stashes of money in the backroom to pay the mortgage and taxes.  Landlords probably wouldn’t have a problem finding an attorney willing to sue the pretend king for violating Constitutional rights.

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One thought on “What about Landlords Pritzker?

  1. It’s a GREAT WAY for the democrats to get votes! FREE HOUSING.
    What’s wrong with that ??
    Sorry about ALL you landlords, Democrat or Republican, but ole JB says it’s the LAW and you must submit…
    How ya like me now??
    Wanna BET this jackass has the white house in his vision!!???
    Once again STOP THE DEMOCRATS> STD!!


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