Three things from Bloomington’s short meeting last night

By: Diane Benjamin

The entire meeting video is over 3 hours, most of that was spent off camera in Executive Session.

3 videos you need to see, 2 are Public Comment the third is City Manager Tim Gleason.

The first Public Comment was a lady who owns rental property. She didn’t receive rent because Pritzker told people they didn’t have to pay. Now the City of Bloomington expects her to pay the water bill the renters also didn’t pay.

It is illegal for government to do this! Landlord should have a class action lawsuit against Pritzker NOW.

Bloomington got a ton of money from the Feds, that money should be used to cancel all bills they handed to landlords or there won’t be any private landlords. The only ones that will exist are corporate slumlords or apartments lower income people can’t afford. This lady has an apartment she can’t rent because she can’t pay the water bill!

Just hit Play, in this case the City is guilty of elder abuse too:

The other Public Comment you need to see was by Gary Lambert. His comments directly relate to what Tim Gleason says below. Gary quoted Thomas Sowell: “It is hard to imagine a more dangerous or stupid way of making decisions than putting those decision in the hands of people who pay no price for being wrong”. He ties the streetscape project to every other failed project in downtown Bloomington. Gary makes it clear the Council comes and goes, the people paying the bills are stuck with them forever.

Just hit Play!

Tim Gleason wants the public to know the Council passes everything he wants passed.

Mr. Gleason: This is why Bloomington has a Coliseum, BCPA, and never used fire station, a never used water tower, and soon a Water Park that will only be open a few months a year. The $750,000 streetscape study barely passed. The Council will be different when that study comes back to Council. That Council will be told they have to spend millions to make the study reality because a previous Council approved it. That’s how the Water Park came to be and the library renovations. Just drag it over a couple different Councils and it’s a done deal.

Evidently Tim doesn’t know he is the employee of the Council, the Council doesn’t work for him.

Just hit PLAY:

2 thoughts on “Three things from Bloomington’s short meeting last night

  1. All the people who spoke during public comment were excellent. I urge others to join them at each and every meeting and speak out just as they have. The people making these decisions for coliseum, water park, streetscape, etc are out-of-control as usual.

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