Bloomington tonight: How big will Gleason’s raise be?

By: Diane Benjamin

Packet for tonight:

Public Comment and Recognitions might take longer than the actual business part of the meeting. Everything is on the Consent Agenda and won’t be discussed unless an alderman pulls it.

The longest part of the meeting won’t be public:

I doubt releasing the minutes of Executive Sessions from decades ago will be discussed, you don’t have a right to know.

It is time for City Manager Tim Gleason to get a raise. Inflation is probably killing his $240,980.14 total compensation.

Gleason’s last raise was in September of 2021:






9 thoughts on “Bloomington tonight: How big will Gleason’s raise be?

  1. It just absolutely sickens me how much this “city manager” gets paid. I mean it truly sickens me. I have a funny feeling that Gleason (and others like him) could go on extended leave for weeks and weeks and no one would even notice they were gone. Plus, just go look up the pay for city managers in other locations many far bigger than Bloomington and you will see just how overpaid this guy is already.

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