Normal: 1 guy against 2200 citizens

By: Diane Benjamin

Patrick Dullard thinks he has the right to stand against 2200 people who signed petitions to put the Districts referendum on the ballot.

Of course he’s just a stooge Koos buddy. We have proof at least two “professional staff” people have been assisting him. Oh what a tangled web they weave . . . .

Normal is facing a huge problem by claiming they are a Town. If they are a Town they have been violating the municipal code since 1985:

The IL Municipal code mandates that “For the general municipal election to be held in the year 1985 in every incorporated town with a population of 25,000 or more by the last official census and every 4 years thereafter,…A president, a clerk, an assessor, a collector, and a supervisor shall be elected for a term of 4 years.” (65 ILCS 5/3.1-25-95 ) The choice of the word choices of “every incorporated town” and “shall be elected” provides no confusion whether these elected positions are optional.

The only person that has been elected is the president – Koos. The Town Clerk isn’t elected and doesn’t live in Normal, so she can’t run for the job. The Assessor is elected in township elections. The collector is the County Treasurer. I have no idea what a Supervisor is, maybe Pam Reece would have to be elected.

By allowing the Dullard farce to continue Normal is risking lawsuits on all of the above.

The court case is now scheduled for 9/23 which mean the County Clerk is risking the printing of ballots for the ridiculous start of early voting on 9/29.

Dullard has hired an attorney, Todd Greenburg. You might remember him from the City of Bloomington where Tari Renner either got him to quit or got him fired.

Thanks to Normal’s Open Data Portal, I can show Todd Greenburg gets a lot of money from the Town of Normal.

Greenburg got $1500 for torturing Joes Station House Pizza when Pam Reece ordered businesses to close. Are taxpayers going to be paying Greenburg instead of Dullard? I’m sure the cost could be hidden on a bill. Greenburg obviously has a conflict of interest:

Normal wants to deny the citizens of Normal the right to decide what form of government they have:

The consent of the governed.

Normal is terrified citizens will choose districts because they have no argument against them.

Normal is opening a much bigger can or worms by refusing to let citizens decide.

A court date is scheduled for 9/23. Early voting is suppose to start 9/29 for those who want to be uninformed since the actually election is a long way off. Citizens should demand Normal stops this assault on the rights of the 2200 signers and the rest of the village. Koos looks smaller and more tyrannical every day this drags on. Normal needs to admit they aren’t a town today to avoid further embarrassment and expense to taxpayers. Koos must want sued for illegally assessing taxes!





8 thoughts on “Normal: 1 guy against 2200 citizens

  1. Remember that in Normal, “We plan our work and work our plan.” They are working their plan. Here’s how it’s gone so far, according to plan.
    1. Downplay a citizen movement by putting them down and even go as far as to say there’s no momentum. They’ll never get the required number of signatures. Even leave open room for debate on how many signatures are needed. That number keeps changing.
    2. Complicate the process through burdensome rules, procedures and legal maneuvering in an effort to discourage citizens.
    3. Recruit a citizen (Patrick Dullard) to protest the petitions and do your best to make him look like he’s not a Chris Koos plant (failed).
    4. Let the legal games begin. Surprised by citizens getting a high powered attorney, election commission digs their heels in the ground even further and refuses to budge. It will have to go to court.
    5. Delay games. Time is always on the side of government.
    6. Recruit the League of Women Voters to investigate the possibilities and try to pretend that they will approach this topic objectively.

  2. Sounds like a lot of procedural and systematic and money flow agendas and initiatives going on. Why else would this even be an issue or debate. Clearly the law is not being followed. Elite privilege folks and teams stick close together – as well as the money and strategies.

    Thanks for keeping up in this issue. Interesting Definitely more essence and journalism than the vanilla propaganda Pantagraph or local news /radio news sources!!!

  3. The 1 Guy is being bank rolled by the Town of Normal with tax dollars. The council is using our own money against us.

  4. All the more reason to get out the conservative voters and elect Tom Devore as Illinois Attorney General.

  5. Diane, we got a mail-in ballot application from the city of Bloomington for our foster daughter who hasn’t lived here for 6 years. How can we put out an APB to count all the ballots that went to people that don’t live there anymore? It would be so easy to sign her name, send it back and get extra ballots every election – forever. How would they ever know? There is NO election integrity any more.

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