The entitled show up to shame 

By:  Diane Benjamin

Public comment last night was loaded with those who think they are entitled to tax dollars.  Yes people have lost jobs and yes paying bills is next to impossible, but that doesn’t make them entitled to anything.  The good socialists showed up en masse to criticize the FIVE Council members who voted against holding a Council discussion without facts.   It was a coordinated group:

dsa Garcia

Jon Reed (the one above) spoke at 1:04:55.  He has spoken previously at meetings about his basement flooding after work was done in his neighborhood YEARS ago.  He stated he had 30 inches of rain in his basement last weekend.  The City did have a company work on repairs, he will find out the next time it rains if repairs worked.  His main point was the City doesn’t know where the sewers are.

Last night this guy who was not allowed to speak because he didn’t follow the call in procedures, posted this:

sonny stupidity

Socialist Garcia is spewing misinformation for political gain.  People turn to socialism because they don’t want to take care of themselves.  They want government to hand them cash instead.  Yes, times are tough.  Times are tough for a lot of people.  Misinformation doesn’t nothing to help.

One more from Facebook last night.  May 1st there will be rallies in both Chicago and Springfield.  Robert Garcia thinks the people of Illinois who don’t want a government babysitter are fascists.  He must not really care about people losing their businesses and those who can’t pay their bills.  The cure is getting people safely back to work.  The “Re-open” people will have American flags.  Will Garcia’s buds wave socialist flags?  This could get interesting!  Garcia is a local realtor.  Capitalism alludes him.

reopen illinois

The meeting was way too long.  A Township report was heard before the 6:00 meeting.  Townships have lots of laws to comply with on handing out money.  They would obviously be the worst place to put money if the Council decides they want to redistribute wealth.

If you own a business:

Patrick Hoban of the EDC and Camille Rodriguez, McLean County Administrator spoke about help for McLean County businesses.  Business owners need to go here ASAP and complete an application:

The Council also heard extensive reports from PATH and the United Way.  The Council members heard what they wanted to hear.  Those who want government to write checks still do.  Those who need facts didn’t get a list of people and estimates of the cost.  One public speaker claimed there are thousands of people who can’t pay their rent.  Is that what the socialists want money for?

The City of Bloomington is maintaining an extensive list of places to get help:

The situation changes weekly, it will continue to change the longer people are not allowed to work.  United Way is collaborating efforts with numerous groups to get needs met.  They are feeding many people.

WGLT has a quote in their story about the meeting that sums up the problem:

This speaker has a twisted view of government:

socialist clueless

Matt was never taught about America.  We are the most charitable country on the planet.  That charity doesn’t come from government, it comes from Americans.  

Life isn’t easy.  Landlords don’t want to throw people out.   Talk to your landlord.  I know some who have forgiven rent.  If you are a good tenant I’m sure landlords are willing to work with you.  The socialist Council members will continue to demand cash.  What happens now will reveal the true ideology some have been trying to hide.

14 thoughts on “The entitled show up to shame 

  1. I would imagine as “tenants” these are some of the same kind of people who would move in the middle of the night leaving the landlord hanging for several months rent. ANY landlords out there EVER have that happen? Even “slumlords” get stuck once in a while, and that’s pretty good when a low life “gets” a low life..
    As for FREE anything right now, about the ONLY thing free is Covid-19 news..

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  2. The above WGLT quote is Partially right. “Government should do everything in its power to make charity unnecessary.”
    The way to do that is to end unnecessary taxes, regulations, and programs (especially extended lockdowns) that all *Increase* the need for charity. Maximum wealth comes from maximum freedom, not from maximum oppression that the speaker advocates for.
    (And just because charity is administered by the government doesn’t mean it’s not charity. Yet another way the speaker argues against their own position…)

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  3. Why in the heck would these people not want to re-open some opportunites to be FREE? Organizing a rally to counteract “re-opening” is truly about the dumbest thing I have ever heard! Geesh!

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    1. They want the shutdown to continue as long as possible, they WANT economic collapse – they always “make their move” after an economic collapse. They will also always use one or a combination of these 3 things to exert more control over people 1- it will be for Your health 2- for Your safety and 3- For the sake of the children – it’s how they always work, the tricks just get changed around now and then. They also make a LOT of promises and never deliver – they also will gladly rule over rubble, as long as THEY are the rulers.

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  4. One thing to take away from this virus incident is our society has become a bunch of sissies. Can you imagine being one of our enemies and witnessing the reactions of a large segment of our population? Yes, caution is and was needed but the total knuckling under of the population to government overseers is and has been alarming. God forbid if another large scale war was to occur I don’t think a majority of our country could deal with it. Our forefathers would be ashamed and embarrassed.

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    1. No, no you aren’t. Saw to public workers in a truck together tonight. So much for your lie that it’s about safety. You are pathetic. Getting paid 80 hours to work 40. You ain’t nothin but a thief.


      1. Yet he is stealing from Bloomington Taxpayers. He’s in AFSCME , is he going to donate that raise? Is he returning the money we are paying into his pension while he isn’t working?


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