Renner, Koos, and Pritzker have no power!

By:  Diane Benjamin Executive Orders are not law.  We don’t live in a dictatorship, the only power government has is what you let them get by with!  The Illinois shutdown has morphed from “bending the curve” to tyranny. The Edgar County Watchdogs have been leading since March by simply reading the law.  The State and […]

The entitled show up to shame 

By:  Diane Benjamin Public comment last night was loaded with those who think they are entitled to tax dollars.  Yes people have lost jobs and yes paying bills is next to impossible, but that doesn’t make them entitled to anything.  The good socialists showed up en masse to criticize the FIVE Council members who voted […]

Demand Illinois Re-open

By:  Diane Benjamin Illinois law the Governor used to shut down Illinois: Pritzker’s first Executive Order was issued on March 9th.  It expired on April 8th.  The law doesn’t say he has the right to extend the 30 days. He did it anyway and the compliant legislature said nothing. He might extend it again, laws […]