Demand Illinois Re-open

By:  Diane Benjamin

Illinois law the Governor used to shut down Illinois:

ermergency powers

Pritzker’s first Executive Order was issued on March 9th.  It expired on April 8th.  The law doesn’t say he has the right to extend the 30 days.

He did it anyway and the compliant legislature said nothing.

He might extend it again, laws are immaterial.

Meanwhile small businesses are going out of business.  We will be shocked at how many do not open when Pritzker waves his magic wand and says it’s okay.

Kids aren’t in school.  How many never log in to on-line education?  In Chicago it’s a third, locally we don’t know.

Churches are closed.  The best place to be comforted doesn’t allow people in.

It is possible to isolate and protect those at the most risk.  People who want to can wear masks.  People can social-distance.

“Five northern Illinois mayors have asked Gov. JB Pritzker for the authority to reopen businesses next month, urging local control over restrictions and “common sense modifications” to a statewide stay-at-home order during the coronavirus pandemic.”

Where are Chris Koos and Tari Renner?

There is another reason to set people free.  Look at the Normal Police Daily Log:

Domestic violence calls are the most dangerous for police.  This volume of calls is not normal.  The situation is similar in Bloomington, evidently they quit posting their log.  How many kids are being abused because of family stress?  Refer back to the PATH director video, they have places available.

Dial 211 to reach PATH.  See their website here:

pol 1pol 2pol 3pol 4

Americans are capable of protecting themselves.  Citizens are being destroyed while government employees are just fine.  (Budgets are being wrecked however)  If you want to stay locked up – fine.  People want and need to be useful.  Many want to work.

Check out this website:

franklin quote

21 thoughts on “Demand Illinois Re-open

  1. Keep up the good fight! I’ve been on the front lines protesting the China Communist Party lockdown the past couple of days in Huntington Beach, CA. Our crowds keep getting bigger and bigger each day and we ain’t social(ist) distancing. You wanna know how fake the fake news stats for China Virus stats are? We just found out that Gavin Newsom reclassified the deaths from the helicopter crash that killed the NBA player Kobe Bryant and 8 others. All 9 cause of deaths are listed as ‘Covid-19’. This crash happened on JANUARY 26TH when the China Virus was just the media’s imagination. Total fake news to bring down Trump!

  2. Too many people view this situation as black and white. Clearly it’s not, and sadly it has become another political football. The potential devastating impact of indefinite shutdown seems obvious, yet some don’t see it or refuse to acknowledge it. Maybe they’re simply out of touch with what life is like for working folks. Maybe they see it as the best option to unseat Trump. Who knows? It’s becoming more difficult not to assume bad intentions. It doesn’t have to be a one-size solution. Why should the entire downstate IL be locked down because Chicago has a problem? Why should upstate NY stay locked down because NYC is on fire? There are common sense precautions to help protect the vulnerable population while allowing people to make a living. Hotspots will have a tougher road back, but other areas should be green lighted to get back to work. I could go on and on, but I think you get my point and I know I’m preaching to the choir.

    1. Conservative radio talk show host Dr. Michael Savage (aka Dr. Michael Wiener) is a trained epidemiologist and scientist. From the get go, he was not underestimating the seriousness of the virus but also suggested common sense quarantine procedures. He predicted the virus would take hold in large U.S. cities where people live too close together, sanitation in many areas questionable and homeless people on the street being not only likely to get the virus but likely primary carriers. He recommended quarantining specific at risk populations only and encouraging less effected areas to be allowed to return to normal activities on a rolling basis as little as two weeks ago. He has called the CDC and WHO basically clueless in their ability to contain the virus and the organizations nothing more than places full of career bureaucrats, including Dr. Fauci who he claims failed to give correct advice on containing the AIDS epidemic.

      1. Sir

        If you google this Doctor you will find his CV is NOT as you stated. He is not and never has been a practicing physician.

        His doctorate is in nutrition. He is not qualified to comment

        Please don’t spread disinformation.

  3. Facts:

    23k deaths last Mon. 42k this Mon

    Fatality rate of almost 6%. Flu 0.01%

    1% of the population tested.

    More cases than the next 7 countries in the world

    You advocate money over lives.

    1. Your “facts” are hogwash. Did you miss the Illinois official say every death with positive COVID test is counted even if COVID had nothing to do with why they died? Have you looked at local numbers? One here had nothing to do with COVID, but it was counted anyway. the actual death rate is less than the flu.

    2. Tommy Boy: His masters studies included epidemiology training but since you have never listened to him or read any of his books, you wouldn’t know. He has three advanced degrees which is probably three more than you have. Just because you don’t have a doctorate in let’s say engineering, it doesn’t mean you aren’t a engineer so go back serving coffee from 10 to 2:00 at your downtown coffee shop. As far as your claims, they are more akin to spreading disinformation than mine. Quote the tired WHO and CDC numbers that include guesses and information from the usual tired government hacks that all you people that believed the world was coming to an end ten years ago. There are all kinds of diseases too numerous to quote that kill and have killed many more people on an annual basis in this country that Corona has and will. Yes, the virus is not to be taken lightly, but it’s past time to let unaffected areas get back, albeit with caution, to daily lives. People like you who are afraid of their own shadows can continue to roll up in a ball in the corner of your living room and let the CDC, WHO and Porky Pritzker tell you how to run your life. Don’t worry, people like you will never this this crisis die. You’ll use it to push man made climate change and Green New Deal fairy tales on the rest of us and promote the evils of capitalism.

  4. No one can say for certain what the numbers are. That includes actual cases and mortality. I’m fairly sure both my wife and I had mild cases in Jan/Feb. I was pretty sick for several weeks but never went to the doctor and have not been tested. No one knows what the real numbers are, and there’s no way to know. Making absolute statements about opening up the economy or keeping it locked down based on the statistics is just speculation. Better safe than sorry so keep everything locked down until we can test everyone and have a vaccine. Or… Better safe than sorry so open the economy and get everyone back to work. Neither option is viable. In and of itself. That’s the whole point. It has to be some of both and done as intelligently as possible without politics interfering. Good luck with that, and God help us all!

  5. I couldn’t get the Chinese Communist Party Virus in Bloomington-Normal if I went around town licking public door handles.

    Will the Democrats ONLY be happy when the economy is completely destroyed? (So they can somehow blame Trump)

    Whoever thinks it is a good idea to keep the economy shut down has never had a family breadwinner tell you he was ready to commit suicide because he couldn’t feed his family (yes this happened to me).

    How damaged will our economy in Bloomington/Normal be after this Chinese Communist Party Virus BS?

    Will State Farm and other employers use this crisis to move forward with further downsizing or move out of the area?

    What will be the financial effect of losing millions of student dollars be on Normal and the area in general?

    How will our colleges enrollment numbers look in the upcoming Fall semester?

    With all these above unknowns and the infection/death rates below – Please tell me why this insanity needs to go on? Yes, we are already screwed…It is just a question of how screwed do you want to be?

    Coronavirus Update McLean County

  6. That proves my point. I think you undercut your own argument. What you just said is as good a reason as any to keep social distancing in place.

    1. Nothing whatsoever wrong with Voluntary social distancing, hand washing, business closing, and mask-wearing. And if you feel strongly enough about it, you’re welcome to boycott businesses you feel re-opened too early, and to end friendships with people who feel that potential disease was a lesser evil for our people and community than definite poverty. (And no, that’ s not picking money over lives – poverty, especially sudden poverty, has a death toll of its own.)

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