Facts matter socialists-another Jenn fail

By:  Diane Benjamin

The McLean County Board Executive Committee heard a report today on homelessness locally from Karen Zangerle of PATH.

Listen to the video below starting at 1:24:30.

There is no shortage of beds available.  There is no shortage of money available for rent assistance. There are rooms at local hotels available for first responders, more rooms available for the quarantined, and a school ready to be available if needed.

There are no cases of COVID-19 at the jail.  There are no cases of COVID-19 at the McLean County Nursing home.

Only 10 people in McLean County are currently living on the streets.  3 are sexual predators .  Other are banned from shelters for drug use or previous violence.  PATH is working to get all in permanent housing.

PATH has money available for rent and utilities assistance.  According to Zangerle there are 7 local organizations working together.

Jenn Carrillo and her band of socialists need to send people to PATH.  Help is already available.  Time to find a new cause Jenn.  De-incarceration failed, getting handouts will also fail.  What’s next?  Has Chicago given you orders yet?



11 thoughts on “Facts matter socialists-another Jenn fail

  1. Jenn is a zealot without a cause. It is almost amusing to watch her right wrongs that don’t exist and pander to the farthest left leaning voters in the town. It’s almost like watching a parody of an aspiring Social Justice Warrior trying in vain to move her political career forward by creating imaginary problems impacting imaginary disadvantaged people.

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  2. Jenn and Shayna, and others, probably brought the Wuhan Virus back from Chicago when they were up there for Community Organizer training with their fellow communists.


  3. Spot on!! Leverage the programs that are immediately available, which are funded (both publicly and privately) to help people in need. I was happy to hear about this presentation making sure the Executive Committee of the McLean County Board was very clear about the current situation and what programs are available for assistance. These FACT-based, non-bias, non-politically motivated programs are what will help our community — NOT the political extremism demands intended to threaten, intimidate, and scare people unnecessarily.

    (Side note — Diane…I think you meant sexual predators instead of sexual “predictors” within this article).

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