You all miss this?

By:  Diane Benjamin

From this story:

Besides the typo, see anything else?

koos lie 2





The Council only has SEVEN members.  Koos claims he talked to SIX!

If Koos hadn’t wasted time talking to himself he would of had time to call Stan!

(I was waiting for somebody to notice)



7 thoughts on “You all miss this?

  1. All members should have been contacted, majority or not.
    I seriously doubt koi’s contacted anyone else of the council. My dealings with the Illustrious Mayor, all though few and far between, have always left a feeling of distrust and lack of well being .

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  2. Don’t discount Koos. He has Pam and a “supermajority” of the council eating out of his hand. He has a cult like following who show time and time again they will blindly walk off a cliff for him.

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    1. True assessment of Koos followers and her majesty Queen Pamela. But, Stan Nord has far more people behind him than Koos ever well. I think the last election proved that. No matter how you count the votes, it was an inditement against Koos.

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  3. Election votes don’t matter at a council meeting. The council ignores any public opinion unless it is from Shields or another of Koos’ subservient pawns. Nord and by extension the citizens who voted for him are outvoted by the Koos faction on the council. Smith sometimes sides with him and Preston on occasion. Cummings, McCarthy, Lorenz and Reece absolutely loathe Nord and pledge their unwavering allegiance to their fuhrer Koos.


  4. If they all get replaced and Lorenz doesn’t quit it will be entertaining to see if she sticks with the Koos/Reece agenda or if she flips so she “fits” in. Based on her cliquish high school behavior, my money is she does whatever to get along.

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