Update: Koos caught in another lie

I found more emails you need to see.  So far I haven’t found any responses from the Mayor to Stan.  (At bottom)

By:  Diane Benjamin

See this WGLT story:  https://www.wglt.org/post/normal-cracks-down-large-gatherings#stream/0


koos lie

Koos claimed he could not reach one council member!

He didn’t try:

koos lie 1

Koos didn’t have time


koos lie 2

At least he apologized, I wonder if he meant it.

Emails received by FOIA.

Evidently WGLT has to ask more specific questions.

Additional emails:

koos lie 3

koos lie 4.1koos lie 4.2


9 thoughts on “Update: Koos caught in another lie

  1. Mr. Koos once again displays his (non-existence) leadership skills by leaving Mr. Nord out of this decision.

    I am guessing this is pretty common on all of his communication to the council. Only those in the inner circle need know.

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  2. It’s pretty obvious that most of the council dislike Stan. That being the case the council still needs to put those feelings aside and include everyone in the discussion.

    Will it happen, probably not likely

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  3. Not technically a lie, just very misleading and I expect purposely so.
    Reminds me of the last council elections – a friend said they were going to be at a function with another candidate and asked my advice for some telling questions. I told them not to waste their time, as I knew exactly how it would play out from what I had seen of that candidate. They would half-answer the question, requiring a follow-up, which would be half-answered, and so on. By the time my friend would have gotten to the 3rd/4th/5th question that would finally get a meaningful answer, the other candidate would thank them for their time and say they really should give others a chance.
    People answer questions. Politicians avoid them. We need to start electing People into office, not Politicians.

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  4. Thank you for taking the time to FOIA and post this, Diane. It’s obvious that Mayor Koos has a problem with Councilperson Nord and treats him noticeably different than the other members of the council. I’m not buying that he just ran out of time — a simple phone call would have taken less than 10 minutes of his time. I am, however, buying that Mayor Koos seems to have a personality conflict with Councilperson Nord, and that is unfortunate. I would hope Mayor Koos would check his personal opinions at the door and be a true leader/professional by ensuring there is inclusion with all council members, especially on topics such as these.

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  5. Tin Pot Banana Republic strong men are usually very petty. Which is what we have going on here with Stan.

    So we have the Mayor of Normal who from what I can see is:

    1. Vindictive
    2. Vengeful
    3. Petty
    5. Authoritarian
    6. Picks favorites
    7. Abhors transparency
    7. Has poor communication skills
    8. Has poor persuasion skills
    9. Is on a power trip
    10. Dislikes being challenged

    We can do better than this the next election. Mayor Koos has no business being the mayor of anything.

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  6. USUALLY people in politics TRY to surround themselves with intelligent people-called ADVISORS!!! But obviously, mr koos is too much of an imbecile to even do that! REALLY SAD…

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