Bloomington on Zoom!

By:  Diane Benjamin

Citizens were spared from a long line of people wanting the City to fork over your money.  Most of public comment was emailed, those were forwarded to the Aldermen but not read out loud.  One of the comments was called in, the form aid would take is never mentioned.  Stan Nord also called in.  He listed many ways that Bloomington has been moving to save tax dollars and make government more efficient.  He called them a model for all local governments.   He also congratulated Bloomington for sharing responsibility during this time instead of issuing executive orders.   Hear Stan at 6:50

In Normal citizens would not have been able to make comments like Stan’s since the illegal public comment policy still stands.  One has to wonder why the Attorney General’s office hasn’t ruled and why Chris Koos and Pam Reece refuse to comply with the law when they know the policy is illegal.  Why is the majority of the Council not demanding a legal policy?  Tyranny because they can?  Elections next year, voters can send them a message.

Most of the meeting was uneventful.  During discussion of approving curbside pickup for packaged liquor at clubs, Jenn Carrillo asked why smoke shops are not allowed curb side delivery.

Jeff Jurgens stated they were not deemed an essential business by the Governor and therefore can not be open.  Jenn probably doesn’t agree since she was vaping during much of the meeting.  “Clubs” can now do curbside delivery of alcohol.

During City Manager comments Tim Gleason thanked this Council and previous Council for putting the City in a good position.  Yes, the City is in a good position Tim, over taxing citizens to achieve huge surpluses does that.  If Bloomington wants to help the struggling citizens it’s the perfect time to cut taxes.

One thing to note about Bloomington.  City policies during this pandemic are much less confrontational than Normal.  Listen to Tim Gleason talking about the parks.  55:00

Bloomington hasn’t removed the basketball hoops like other cities have.  Koos’ Executive Order in Normal authorized police to use criminal charges for anyone not staying at home.  Bloomington is only asking for a limited number of players – maybe play Horse instead of 5 on 5.

Joni Painter had the best speech of the night.  See 1:04:30.  She wants the names and contact information for people who need help forwarded to the Council so they can be directed to assistance.  She stated organizations already exist for that purpose.  Obviously she was responding to the bullies demanding City money for non-specific reasons.

The Council used Zoom for the meeting, it was much better than the phone system used previously.  The video of meetings prior to COVID didn’t catch the reactions of members since the camera wasn’t pointed at them.  Seeing all members at once was enlightening.


9 thoughts on “Bloomington on Zoom!

      1. I have no idea what Ms. Carillo was vaping, I did not watch the video. All I’m saying is folks should try to refrain from smoking and vaping during this pandemic. If someone is vaping nicotine, my only advice is to tell them to stop using any type of nicotine because it’s an extremely addictive and harmful drug. If someone is vaping Cannabis, I believe they should try edibles. This advice goes to anybody, not just a city councilwoman.

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    1. I always enjoy being educated. Please enlighten me as to the health benefits of smoking or consuming cannabis in any form and not the “usual” ones everyone has heard from pot promoters. If it’s better than eating vegetables or fruits I want to know. Thanks.

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  1. I Have posted my notes on FB if anyone wants to read the entirety of what I said. Thank you Diane for summarizing my 3 min talk to a few sentences. I may eventually learn to be that concise.

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  2. Ms Carrillo did not seem to be saying pledge , she was doing that snapping fingers thing, vaped all through the meeting and once again showed how crude she is. I wonder if her landlord knows she is smoking in the house ?
    Didn’t she complain before that she could not smoke there becuae she rented and what was a poor little girl to do ?
    So the only thing she comes up with is why tobacco shops are closed ?- Does she not read anything except propaganda flyers from IPA ?
    You are really 100 % right about the best comment of the night from Ms Painter. Alluding to all of these calls but not taking care of the problems when there are many local agencies working hard and well to address them.
    Good point- facts- give me a name, phone, address, we ( the council) will give back a contact or solution.
    What was she vaping ? Who will ever know but I just know since she is so law abiding it was just a tobacco product.


    1. This woman, along with her “squad” just want attention. She fashions herself a local AOC, her heroine. Deep down she knows she is a nobody so has to seek out attention every chance she gets. Her actions are of a person that knows she has no marketable talents other than to cause and promote mayhem just like all of her IPA partners in crime. Like her NYC twin, she hates America and is a non-apolagetic white hating racist.

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