Utopia awaits, just need tax dollars

By:  Diane Benjamin

Saul Alinsky wrote a book he dedicated to Lucifer.

Rules for Radicals

The local bellyachers are using his playbook.  Note Jenn’s intern signed the email below that sent to the County, Bloomington, and Normal.

See the rules here:  https://bolenreport.com/saul-alinskys-12-rules-radicals/

Read past the meme to the actual rules.  I see at least two that apply:

rule 8rule 12

The County has no legal authority with housing, it looks like nobody bothered checking that part out.

Throwing money at problems never solves them.  Closing down the economy has caused many more problems – people need to get back to work.  Wear masks if you want and stay home if you are sick.

Unless Bloomington and Normal want to permanently fund shelter for the homeless, they must not give into bullies.  In Bloomington the Democrat Socialists claim these aldermen are on board:  Julie Emig, Scott Black, Jenn Carrillo, and Jeff Crabill.

All they need is one more.  Unless you want to fund a new socialist program, contact your alderman.  Isn’t the Coliseum and BCPA enough of a fleece?

Find email addresses here:  ps://www.cityblm.org/governmhttent/city-council



4 thoughts on “Utopia awaits, just need tax dollars

  1. Rule 12 is a real thing. Think your children are safe from these people? Think again. Schools are grooming them now. Step out of line and watch and see. JENN Carrillo sent messages to my daughter related to something that has nothing to do with my daughter. The owner of a bar and her partner called my daughter and basically threatened her. Pardon my French but this shit is real!

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  2. Go to this group’s FB page to see the directions and sample letter to the elected for the sheeple to cut and paste. They can’t even think or verbalize for themselves. Pathetic.

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