Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it

By:  Diane Benjamin

The local socialist lost the case for setting prisoners free, so they are moving on.  Below is the latest email sent to every elected and appointed official with any power to hand out money.  Note the writer wasn’t smart enough to put it in her own words, she copied and pasted the talking points instead:

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May obviously didn’t watch the video with the PATH Director from the McLean County Board Executive Committee.  Everything she is demanding is already available.

See the video here:  https://blnnews.com/2020/04/14/facts-matter-socialists-another-jenn-fail/

Facts aren’t stopping Jeff Crabill and Tari Renner.  See this WEEK story:  https://week.com/2020/04/16/bloomington-council-member-wants-local-dollars-spent-to-ease-pandemics-economic-stress/


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Refer back to the title of this story.  The local socialists are attempting to pound your elected officials into handing your tax dollars to their friends.

The PATH director said in the video their biggest problem is finding the people who need help.  They don’t have an advertising budget.  As Alderman Joni Painter pointed out at the last meeting, the Council needs names so they can be referred to one of the many agencies with help available.

Unless the heads of these agencies appear before the Councils and say all available money has been exhausted, the socialists will prove facts don’t matter.

Send your thoughts to people on both Councils.  These radicals are burying them with sob stories instead of directing the people crushed by this shutdown to organizations that can help.

Both Councils should demand Pritzker re-open the economy.  His cure is destroying people and their futures.  The longer this shutdown continues it is likely jobs won’t be available for these people to return to.  


33 thoughts on “Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it

  1. People’s Action Jenn’s employer is a 501c3 with assets list at 12,000,000. You would think she we demand they help. Also Illinois Peoples Action also a 501c3 has assets listed over 200,000. You would think Jeff would demand they help as well.
    These comrades see this as a opportunity to transform local government.

  2. So first this groups wants prisoners freed and at the same time are worried about domestic violence victims. Is it just me, or are they talking out of both sides of their mouths? They are worried about crowded living quarters but want to welcome more illegal immigrants. All I hear is them wanting free rent illegal immigrants. No thank you.

  3. The only reason you can sit around claiming that the economy should be re-open is because deaths in your area are low. This was because of the actions of the very governor you’re vilifying. Those states which re-open too soon will see a surge in COV-19 deaths. The United States has seen 33,000 deaths from this pandemic and there is still not enough tests to even think about opening up the country. You’re playing with people’s lives with a highly contagious virus. I bet anything you’ll not allow this comment to stand.

      1. See those who are being destroyed? How much more “destroyed” do you want other than dying from a virus? The state of Illinois has 1259 deaths to date. How destroyed are those families? Don’t their lives count? This virus can be spread by those who have no symptoms. We have no idea who has the virus, who doesn’t or those who are passing on the virus on the virus because they are asymptomatic. There is simply not enough tests to open businesses.
        Again the fact that your area isn’t seeing mass mortality in McLean is because of the actions of the governor you’re bashing. That low statistic could go away fast with opening businesses too early.

  4. I think the time has come to put Sheriff Sandage in charge of the county. He seems to know how to handle these folks.

  5. It does seem trump has spent trillions of our dollars yet you support him in his socialistic takeover of the federal government.

    This is peanuts.

    1. Tom, the president signed a bill presented by congress for national emergency relief. Issuing a State of Emergency allows funds to be released to address the emergency. That is not socialism. That is the role of the federal government, to protect citizens and provide economic stimulus during an emergency.

  6. “Community organizing” is part and parcel of the socialist/communist playbook. They are quite glad that the Communist Chinese unleashed this virus on the rest of the world and particularly, the United States. It gives them a great opportunity to use this “health crisis” ad nauseum for at least a couple of years, if not longer, to promote more social freebies, the New Green Deal, universal free healthcare and more sick ideas to assist in collapsing the U.S. economy. Don’t forget, Crabill is an SF lawyer with plenty of personal income to donate anyway he sees fit. Saw Jeff in church one night with an opportunity to put a contribution in the basket but he passed. Also, the Communist Chinese Party as now established a group on the U of I campus using their foreign students as a source. See Foreign Policy magazine with the story and a wonderful accompanying picture. This state and community are totally lost causes.

      1. Maybe elsewhere but not here. In BN people are too busy thinking about themselves, being selfish, wondering where their next high is coming from, getting drunk or having sex with their partner. There are not enough people that really care about this community because most worth their salt moved elsewhere years ago. This area is full of nothing by relocated transients from other locales where most were among life’s losers with little to no ambition. If you are waiting for a real revival or revolution for the better here you will be disappointed. Guess I don’t care anymore about a lengthy big picture since I’m outa here in four years.

      2. Maybe elsewhere but not here. BN is basically comprised by self-centered people. The only things they care about are making money in the easiest possible way, getting high or drunk and having as much sex with a partner or partners as possible. The majority of people born and raised here and worth their salt left long ago. BN is now a community of transients that have no attachment. Most are losers from other communities large and small that would get eaten alive anywhere else. In other words, they could care less about this communities future. Thinking there are enough people that care whether this community becomes a leftist or conservative community is a fools errand. The politics may change for one cycle but it will return even further left in the next election. I guess I’m too cynical in my old age and a bit uncaring what another ten years might bring since I am gone in four. Let me know when Chicago votes conservative.

  7. The state of illinois controlled by democrats for over 40 years was in deep financial crisis well before the current virus pandemic. Governor prickster has already layed the groundwork for blaming the current financial problems on the virus. Not that it was already in deep debt and the virus is making it worse but that the virus is the sole problem. The uninformed or left wing anti Trump idiots will refuse to accept that the true financial problems were here long before the virus pandemic. Those of us that have worked hard and payed taxes for years are tired of being taxed to death knowing that huge tax increases are coming our way and will be blamed on the pandemic not the poor management of those democrats running our state.

  8. Dianne: You may care, I may care and a few others but not enough. If enough cared we wouldn’t have Koos, Renner, Cummings, Crabill, Carrillo, Emig and the current take over of the County Board by Socialists. A majority don’t have the ambition to vote or care who represents them. Can have all the looks on this website which is needed and appreciated but a minimum of half the society is intellectually lazy and ignoran and doesn’t care. I rest my case. Wish it was different but it’s not.

  9. Mpeabody, you are spot on as to what our community has become all one has to do is look at our mayors and town councils, with the exception of Nord one can only hope that the voters who have any common sense will elect more Nords but don’t hold your breath.

  10. Diane you are so right I considered running in my ward but two individuals were running one that I supported just before election the powers to be said that the one I supported lacked two days living the required time in my ward, he was ruled ineligible so what did we get, some socialist idiot from State Farm that we have to deal with until next election, he was a two faced liar and the voters in my ward were either dumb,blind, or Democrats, either way I had him pegged people in my ward are getting everything they deserve. Those that did not vote congratulations!

  11. Interesting posts here from SOME people who OBVIOUSLY haven’t lived here a generation or two. WE who have RESENT these kind of remarks, AND the people currently in charge. SO, IF you want join us, feel free to “VOTE OUT THE KNUCKLEHEADS” and if not, PLEASE go and volunteer for Jenn or such, so WE don’t have to listen to her and her “ilk” anymore then necessary. And IF you don’t like this community. PLEASE leave, but just remember ONE thing. When you HOARD toilet paper and such stupid crap, it’s the local economy AND farmers that KEEPS this great country going. So, enjoy your toilet paper.. I’ll take corn or beans.

  12. So Crabill wants to use taxpayer dollars to give money to taxpayers. One: Bloomington is so far in debt its not even funny. And two: If the idiots want to do something to help they can quit wasting money right and left, lay off the deadwood city workers, starting with the city council and mayor ,quit spending hundreds on lunches, and stop bleeding the people dry. And most importantly, LET US GET BACK TO WORK!

  13. “Most of the people tested don’t have it.”

    Statistics plainly aren’t on your side. Nationally there are 690,714 cases and 35,443 deaths. Yesterday, the state of Illinois had its deadliest day yet. For the second time in three days, Illinois saw its highest single-day increase in the number of coronavirus-related deaths on April 18. In all, 125 people died after contracting the virus, eclipsing the 124 that passed away on Thursday from the virus.

    You have also glossed over my main point. Someone even you could have the virus without symptoms. The only way to re-open is to have wide spread testing, where we know who needs to be in quarantine. If we have no idea of who actually has the virus, then you and everyone is flying blind spreading the virus. Anything less you are putting vulnerable people at risk and the very real threat that the virus would come back stronger in rural areas. I also bet anything that if someone you love was affected with the virus, who died, you’d be singing a different tune entirely.

    1. The medical community has been told to put COVID-19 as the cause of death if there is reasonable suspicion based on symptoms…fever, cough, or shortness of breath. Because of that, the death toll might be skewed. There also needs to be antibody testing, which won’t be available for a while, to determine the number of people who have recovered and may be immune.

  14. Governor prickster is already starting has asked the federal government for 40 billion, why to cover pensions!

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