What the Socialists demanded

By:  Diane Benjamin

Received by FOIA.

The local radicals didn’t ask for assistance, they DEMANDED it.  They have attempted to beat local elected officials into compliance with sheer volumes of insistence.

As reported last night, help for people hurt by the government shutdown of the economy is already availablehttps://blnnews.com/2020/04/14/facts-matter-socialists-another-jenn-fail/

Bloomington elected two socialists and others who lean socialist.  Bloomington is one election away from radicals running everything.  Yes, it can get worse.  

Jenn Carrillo does not say the Pledge of Allegiance with the rest of the Council.  Is her oath of office to defend both the Constitution of the United States and the State of Illinois  meaningless?  Perjury?  Watch her here:  https://blnnews.com/2020/04/14/bloomington-on-zoom/

The “demands” of her radical buddies are un-American.  This is why Sheriff Sandage  issued his response:  https://blnnews.com/2020/04/08/sheriff-sandage-calls-out-the-radicals/

This is why the County Executive Committee heard from PATH yesterday.

Below is an email from one of the propagandists, no I’m not redacting his name.  The yellow highlighting was done by the writer, not me.

rad arad brad c

11 thoughts on “What the Socialists demanded

  1. I would like to demand that Jamie Breeck go away and let the adults run our city. What planet are these people currently on? The Crazy Train is about to leave the station and Jamie needs to be on it.

    No Jamie, this Chinese Communist Party Virus event is not a good time for you to try to ram socialism/communism
    down our collective throats.

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  2. Issuing “demands” like these without any objective, non-bias, academic support that helps strengthen why doing these things are GOOD for all citizens should be immediately dismissed and not given a second thought. Using the COVID-19 pandemic as leverage for political extremism is not doing anything good at all — it’s just creating new problems that, in many cases, will further complicate social issues. They can continue to demand all they want…intelligent leaders will dismiss them immediately and continue to do what is best for the people they are serving.

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  3. As a citizen of the United States of America, Bloomington-Normal, IL, I demand that those who took the Oath of Office keep their word. No one voted them to have individual dictorial attitudes or power. Also I demand that the sheriff arrest these liars and pretenders for treason. Simple request. Logical request. Unlikely to happen even though I have a very valid concern. Not to mention that IF these oaths were followed the USA would be a much better place for ALL people to live. Once again we’d be the shining example that all other free people look at and demand of their own countries. Socialist followers are destined to be destitute forever.

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  4. Pantagraph- 4/15- Front Page- Help at Hand
    This article pretty much says it all, tells all that is available, times, locations, etc. If all of the socialist groups would read something other than propaganda flyers they could maybe help all those people who they say need it.
    So ignore their demands and know what our city staff and leaders and community institutions are already doing to help. .Also good article on Dan Brady and what he is talking about on state level help. People doing- not people doing nothing to help, just yelling.

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  5. The letter writer is just another local pawn to protect the real power trying to turn McLean County and BN totally radical. This movement has the stamp of approval of Sen. Dick Durbin and possibly others at the federal level. Carrillo, Garcia, Cummings, Crabill, Watchinski, etc. are the useful idiot plants used to intimidate. The local power structure behind them are John Penn and Mike Matekja at the laborers hall, Erik Rankin at ISU, Don Carlson at IPA and mayors Renner and Koos. Chicago organizers at Democratic Socialists of America and Socialists International provide money and the organizational structure. I have little doubt that JB Pritzker and the Chicago mayor have at least knowledge of the effort along with Barack Obama who was always a closet socialist himself. If you read anything about community organizing plans go this deep. It is all part and parcel of efforts construed long ago by people like Saul Alinksky , Schell Trapp and others. The strategy goes all the way to Back of the Yards efforts in Chicago long ago. It has nothing to do with making anyone’s life better only establishing a far left dictatorial government structure.

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  6. I have always felt that the ones who DEMAND things like release all the murderers from jail should be the ones to HOUSE them. You want homeless to have shelter? Then get off your butts and open your homes to the homeless. They talk the talk but wont walk the walk. My question to this socialist is: WHO is going to pay for all of the freebies that you want? Most of Bloomington/Normal is shut down thanks to the royalnesses that control the cities.

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