Socialist exposing themselves

By:  Diane Benjamin

Hitler was elected.  The people of Germany voted for a socialist because he promised to save them.  Democratic Socialism.  Those wanting to re-write history don’t want you to know his party was called:  National Socialist German Workers’ Party.

Socialists always come to power promising equality and free stuff.  It’s easy to get votes from people who don’t want to take care of themselves when government will do it for them.  It always ends the same way.  Those in power steal money while everyone else is equally miserable.

Venezuela is the current failed socialist state.   It used to be a thriving democracy, now it’s a dictatorship with food shortages, run-away inflation, and political prisoners.

What brought down Venezuela?  Socialism.  It has never worked and will never work,

Why am I giving you a brief history lesson?  Because Bloomington has TWO  Hugo Chávez/Nicolás Maduro wannabees on the City Council.  All of the public comment beggars at Monday’s Council meeting were their supporters.  Luckily the local socialists aren’t afraid to post it on Facebook:

h/t a reader

council socialistscouncil socialist 2

Robert Garcia is the same local realtor from yesterday’s story:

Maybe the local DSA members can ask Robert about this:

From the County website:

garcia property taxes

Every one of these properties show the owner as either Roberto or Robert at this address:

garcia address

Is this the same socialist?  This Roberto/Robert didn’t pay his property taxes last year.  All of the taxes were sold, only one property has been redeemed.

If this is the same guy, then is he asking for bailout by Bloomington taxpayers for himself?  COVID wasn’t here when those taxes were due.

DSA – got a comment?  Robert/Roberto?

Is not paying property taxes a socialist thing?

Just asking!  Those who pay their taxes want to know.

What to watch:

Any member of the Bloomington City Council who votes for direct aid is voting with the local socialists.  They won’t be voting for aid, they will be voting to hand power to socialists.  Their campaign is pure propaganda.  Their minions will be back demanding more money because their movement is an power agenda, not about helping people.

Right now two Council members up for for re-election in less than a year just might vote with the socialists:  Scott Black and Jamie Mathy.  Either might also have dreams of being mayor.

Mboka Mwilambwe, Joni Painter, and Kim Bray will also be up for reelection.  Keep an eye on them too.  Luckily Renner doesn’t get a vote, those are his buddies.

If you didn’t listen to Public Comment, you missed me getting called names by one of the socialist.  Here’s my response:

badge of honor


Likely he has never read a story for himself.  Facts don’t matter.





7 thoughts on “Socialist exposing themselves

  1. It would be GREAT to take one of these “Socialists” to a former communist/socialist bloc country and leave them off for a year or two and get to KNOW the locals! THEN they would cool their jets. IF you were NOT a “member” of the party, you did NOT get a good job, you were NOT taken care of, your family was harassed and maybe even “disappeared” to a Siberian work camp. You ate what food you could afford, which the PARTY supplied.
    You did NOT get to attend a GOOD school or use a GOOD hospital. And your labored your WHOLE LIFE so that the “members” could keep stealing from YOU! You get that Jenn? Is that YOUR agenda? IF so, go live in Romania, Bulgaria, Czech Rep, etc, and send me a letter from the gulag, as you will NOT survive there!


  2. I have only one question for these people. Why would you want to support a socio-economic and political system either you or one of your family members fled because they or you found it oppressive in your country of origin?

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  3. MPEABODY! These people support this kind of socio-economic system because they BELIEVE they will get EVERYTHING taken care of. Remember that these are ALSO the folks who probably don’t have close family ties, so they don’t know WHY Grandma or Grandpa came over to Ellis Island LEGALLY and worked 10 hours in the mines, fields, factories or mills, because it was SUCH fun! Never mind that SOME were only 10 or 12 years old.
    It STILL beat the conditions in the “Homeland”.. Or the “socialist nirvana” these folks dreamed up from reading GOD knows what!
    IF you KNOW a living WWII veteran, ASK them about the Nazi “work camps” That’s socialism at it’s BEST, as IF you didn’t work, well, you got sent to the death camps.. That’s the kind of world THESE FOLKS are striving for simply because THEY have NOT lived through it, or heard the TRUE stories that came from such things..
    There IS a reason that survivors of WWII always said “NEVER FORGET”!!!!

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    1. Oh I agree. I was being rhetorical because they are ignorant of the realities of the system. People that rap their arms around these agendas are what you say they are: social outcasts without close family relationships. Being involved these organizations give them a false sense of worth they cannot obtain through doing a job well, creating a product or being a good parent. Mike Matekja was the first go to guy in this community that promoted this stuff. His heroes are people like Eugene Debs and Michael Harrington, Jr. who were pivotal in the U.S. DSA movement. He is personally responsible for recruiting this local vermin to BN along with his socialist wife who never were interested in having a family. Mike’s family come from a long line of organized labor radicals from the St. Louis area. I have known who planted the seeds of this long ago.


  4. MPEABODY: Funny you speak of Mike M. He “pretends” to be a “labor activist” but he’s really just out for MIKE, and ONLY mike, under these FALSE pretenses! As a person who has STUDIED labor history, I find it interesting that even people who VOTED FOR and were SUBJECTED to socialism, soon gave it up. Butte, Montana was at one time run by a socialist mayor as well as Milwaukee (the largest U.S. city to be such) . The “socialists” as they call themselves, have had MANY “morphs” in Unions such as the W.F.M. or the I.W.W. even going back to the Knights of Labor, ALL of which kept the socialists at arms length! WHY did they do this? for the SAME reason that Jenn, Jeff, et al, are preaching right now-DEMAND, and be a HOSTILE element. If you want to read some good history, read about the 1913 Calumet, MI copper strike, and the Finns who WANTED socialism, and after they got “bitten” became their WORST enemy! Not to mention the Ludlow Massacre or even Harry Orchard who Mike probably emulates. This country has a GREAT labor history, a lot of it involving the “socialists” TRYING to run things, and basically getting the “big guns” involved (ie:militias, etc) who quashed them just like they want to do to us..


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