Woodford County State’s Attorney will not prosecute Gov Pritzker’s extended stay-at-home order

See this story on the Edgar County Watchdog’s website:  https://edgarcountywatchdogs.com/2020/04/woodford-county-states-attorney-will-not-prosecute-gov-pritzkers-extended-stay-at-home-order/

What other State’s Attorneys will join him?


16 thoughts on “Woodford County State’s Attorney will not prosecute Gov Pritzker’s extended stay-at-home order

  1. The grass roots approach is growing. Media is not reporting it until it becomes too big to ignore. It is my understanding a bill is being introduced to limit JB’s powers. This bill is by the senator from the 26th District in the Illinois Senate. Write your congressman and tell them to get involved and support this action. The louder we yell the more likely we will be heard. Using Jenn’s playbook against her..

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  2. No thinking judge will

    The governor clearly had the authority

    If not the Repubs would have gone to a real court and not this small town court.


  3. I try to use more intelligent, mature language, but in this case, I’m not sure those words are coming to mind. Rather, the phrase that first comes to my mind is “What a shi% show this is going to be…”.

    First, you have a governor that I TRULY want to believe is doing what is best for the citizens of Illinois. We can debate all day his political motivations, but hopefully, he’s making the decisions he’s making because he cares (feel free to call BS on that), but again, that’s what I want to believe.

    Secondly, what an incredibly difficult position for law enforcement and prosecutors. The men and women in blue took an oath to support the constitution (both state and federal), uphold the LAWS (key word), and faithfully discharge the duties of a police officer. Does that include executive orders issued by a governor? Are they considered laws, and are they considered an extension of the Illinois Constitution? If so, they have to do their jobs. Now, prosecutors have that lovely “proprietorial discretion” based on the TOTALITY of circumstances on whether a LAW/STATUTE was violated (does that also consider Executive Orders issued by the governor)?

    I have more questions than answers on this one, but I can totally see why some law enforcement agencies and prosecutors don’t want to get involved.


  4. ***I’ll re-phrase without the use of profanity so this comment gets posted…haha (Sorry, Diane!)***

    What a mess! Two main questions I have:

    1. Is the Executive Order issued by the governor an extension of the Illinois Constitution, thus a requirement for a law enforcement to enforce (per their oath of office?)

    2. Do prosecutors have “prosecutorial discretion” on charging/not charging people for violating the order? What IS the charge? Disorderly Conduct?


      1. Thanks for the reference, Diane. I read all the articles and watched all the videos posted by the Edgar County Watchdogs. Very interesting. I’m confused though — they mention the Department of Public Health having jurisdiction/authority over this issue (as it relates to quarantine/shelter-in-place), but then what exactly is the Emergency Management Agency Act give in terms of powers, specifically, Section 7?

        Not buying or selling here…and I’m not pro-Pritzker or anti-Pritzker. I’m just trying to understand the difference in powers/jurisdiction between that of the Department of Public Health and the Emergency Management Agency Act?

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      2. Gotcha, and of course, Pritzker is of the opinion that he is able to issue new orders at the 30 day expiration mark of the previous order, which isn’t specifically called out whether he can or can’t. Looks like one judge feels he over-stepped, while others would agree he’s leveraging those powers within the Emergency Act appropriately. What an absolute mess! I don’t doubt that he’s trying to keep Illinoisans safe, but I’m of the opinion, it’s way too much government involvement. His focus should be on strategies/deployments of stabilizing government-bonded financial programs so our system does’t breakdown as a result. I’m not sure telling people when, where, and how they should go about is doing any good — those people who are intelligent, will understand the risks they are taking when they do go out and about, and take the necessary precautions. We don’t need government (at any level) telling people how to do that. They need to keep making sure FACTS keep coming out and let people do what is best for themselves.

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  5. Yo Tom. The governor has two methods of authority. One is the constitutional and the other is willingness by the public to be accepted. From the legal standpoint his authority ends after 30 days with the avenue he has chosen. There is no discussion, it’s done. To extend and be enforcable he would be required to do it in another fashion. he chose to just do it based on “authority” as you put it. It’s not enforceable as such and the states attorney knows this.

    Why go to court at all? I don’t accept his proclamation and there isn’t a legal thing that can be done about it. Although his little fit about being told to go pound sand was freaking entertainment at the maximum.

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  6. Once again, it’s WE THE PEOPLE who HAVE to USE common sense and FEND for ourselves! Think about a few points.
    I went to a “seed store” YESTERDAY and not ONE SINGLE employee was wearing a mask.
    I find that when I shop-I SHOP! I don’t stand and look at some dumb assed label for 10 minutes and let 10 people walk by while I”m making up MY mind!
    IF ole J.B. was so DAMN worried about transmission, WHY don’t he PROSECUTE the 100 people that were at a house party in the Chicago area that went viral??
    IF ole J.B wants to SLOW this “pandemic” down in IL, WHY don’t he INVESTIGATE the nursing homes in the Chicago area that have had OVER 1,000 of the Cook county deaths (J.B.’s OWN back yard-so to speak)!!
    WHERE is J.B’s MASK when he’s on TV? He’d look SO MUCH BETTER!
    Down state is NOT Chicago! As I’ve said on here before, MANDATORY TESTING IS the ONLY way that ANY progress will be made, otherwise, we are just pissin in the wind!!
    J.B. Wants “social distancing” HOW MUCH further can a farmer that FEEDS these other people in URBAN AREAS stay away from each other? Maybe we SHOULD use sight range for a rule of thumb? IF I can see you, you’re TOO close.
    JUST a few thoughts to keep the chili stirred!!
    ALL OF YOU STAY SAFE, and USE plain ole common sense. I know you ALL have it!
    The meek WILL inherit the earth!

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  7. Friday I plan to get in my car and go to Woodford county and support their local businesses. If McLean county wants my business then those businesses will have to band together. In doing this they will have to get a lawyer to fight JB’s tyranny. Until then too bad. Maybe I will find businesses there in Woodford county that I like better and elect to not return to McLean county since it is about the same distance.

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  8. dont hold your breath on the McLean county state attn you will die of asphyxiation! Also, the Royal courts know as the City Council and Mayor wont either.

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