AFSCME wants a bailout

By:  Diane Benjamin

They not only want a bailout from the Federal government, they want their members to demand a bailout.

Meanwhile AFSCME is scheduled for automatic pay increases of $261 million:

Excerpts from an email sent to members yesterday:

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Illinois has been irresponsible with tax dollars for decades.  Why should taxpayers in other states pay Illinois’s bills?  

The unfunded liabilities in Illinois can not be paid.  Throwing money in a black hole won’t pay pensions.

If AFSCME demanded their raises be cancelled while so many Illinoisans are not allowed to work, they would have credibility.  They won’t, it’s all about them not what’s right.


10 thoughts on “AFSCME wants a bailout

  1. Maybe the AFSCME employees getting paid not to work, could donate some of that money. When companies, small businesses, or individuals are not fiscally responsible, they lose their businesses. Not government they tax and increase fees, and Bloomington ends up with a 22 mil surplus on fees and tax increases instead of cutting spending.

    Believe IL has more units of government than any other state, not to mention 852 school districts, and 44 regional school supts. in our 102 countries, We have 13 community/ unit school districts in McLean county (. ( More than three-quarters of Illinois’ 872 superintendents have six-figure salaries, and many also get additional benefits in car and housing allowances, as well as bonuses. How much waste is here? Most School Supts are served by large staffs, more waste.

    We have been heading for this abyss for years thanks to A democratic controlled legislature unwilling to reform pensions and cut expenses. Wake up IL!

  2. My prediction is we will hear Normal tout how fiscally responsible they have been for past 2 decades. They will blame all their debt, bad roads and Uptown failure on COVID-19. There will be no acceptance government has ever done anything wrong.

    1. There never is any responsibility/culpability taken by government, specially leftist controlled ones.

  3. Let them EAT CAKE! When you LIVE on the GRAVY TRAIN for WAY too long you expect to get FAT at EVERY chance.. Let Mike Matejka give them a GOOD donation, along with ALL his democrat appointed cronies! “Grease money” don’t have a home!

  4. It is never government’s fault in general. Party doesn’t matter. You the serfs shall cut and do without so we can take even more from you. On a total different topic. If there is a lawyer reading this. Why can’t a legal group offer to provide representation for a group against JB’s little power trip? I am not asking for them to do this free. Everybody would have to pay in a certain amount.
    Right now it would seem that with the ruling that just occurred that could be cited so it would be easy to get ruling. Now if the appeal reverses not so much.

  5. Since 1988 the dems and repubs in il have been scratching each others bacl and we have to pay thebill. CMS of the State has been in the unions pocket for years as ahve the last thirty years of governors.

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